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Hi Anyone can tell me the difference between 4x2 &4x2 more how this being rated Lx Vx Stuff like this THanks

By Dr Akhtarhusain on Aug 5, 2008


  • Expert 4*2 is Two wheel drive and 4*4 is Four wheel drive.In LX , central locking , power windows , fog laps are not available ,in VX all these are available.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Aug 7, 2008

  • I guess you are talkin abt TATA SAFARI. everything is there in LX also AND VX also difference being in the triple AC and arm rest in front seats. and maybe fog lamps. But rest all things like power windows, power rear view mirrors etc. are given in LX. go for LX. and 4*4 only helps you in off road or slippery road conditions but when you switch it on the fuel consumption increases.
    Answer by Himanshu on Aug 8, 2008

  • the difference between the LX n VX is the feature provided,,these terms r used to identify the variable features such as ,,power steering,power windows,central locking,etc the LXversion of any car will have the standard driving comforts whereas the VX will have all the luxury n pleasure of driving,now 2*2 cars mean that these car drive on 2 two wheel either front or rear if it front wheel drive then it is a pull n if it is rear wheel drive then it is a push drive,,and 4*4 means all wheel drive simultaneously,and will have a great driveability it is good for uphills rocky roads and high frequency climbs,
    Answer by KHAN SARFARAZ on Aug 9, 2008

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