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Hi All First of all, I would like to thank this team for helping people in understanding automobiles. I have a query, though it is a repeated one, per my memory, I'm confused about decision of buying Pulsar 150 vs Unicorn. Request your advice. Advance Thanks for your response. Regards, Harish
By Harish 04 April 2010

Both are very popular but for different reasons. The Unicorn is a beautifully engineered motorcycle, designed with the rider in mind, comfort, durability, handling, performance and smoothness. It is a runaway success and is a big scorer on customer satisfaction. The Pulsar is more designed for youth appeal, and has drawbacks such as a hard seat, a cramped pillion position, and soreness while riding even slightly longer distances. Some young riders prefer the Pulsar purely for its looks. The Unicorn on the other hand, has no real drawbacks. If it has to come down to a decision, ride both and ask yourself which feels better. Oh yes, the Unicorn's mono shock absorber in the back is excellent. Your back will last longer!

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

Harish I'm having Honda Unicorn. No doubt it is amazing in all auspects. Average(55-65), Style, Performance (Can pick up 2 guys in 5th gear in 20kmph speed and can touch 100 easily), Stability, Maintainance, Silent engine in its category etc. After all Honda is completely "JAPNESE" technology. Whereas people have complaints in Pulsar regarding back-ache, uncomfortable driver as well as pillion rider etc that's due 2 purely INDIAN technology. People in foreign countries prefer Honda. Close ur eyes & go 4 it. For more question abt unicorn u can contact me @ 9999793920 or

Answer by Gobind 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the two performancewise Unicorn has davantage of better mileage however Pulsar is also having advantage of good performance combined with style .In overall Pulsar makes a better opion.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

i think you buy pulsare its really like a car i want to give advice you buy pulsar.... pulsar balance is very good and low maintaince its average is 50-55 so you can buy pulsar

Answer by Ravinder 04 April 2010

I will suggest you to go for the Unicorn. Although Pulsar has its own advantages, but in terms of reliability and ride and handling, Unicorn outscores by good margin.

Pulsar though good looking has lost its charm as everybody seems to have one. More over Pulsar 135cc is a better choice, its lighter and so as quick and a fresh design adds to the appeal.

Answer by Nilabh 04 April 2010
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