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Dear Shiv, I have a one year old maruti swift dzire vxi and so far I am extremely happy about the performance. Now I am planning a visit to my children in USA from May 2010 to October 2010 and I have nobody to take care of my car . I have to keep the car locked in my garage. As I will be returning only after 6 months, will you please tell me what should I do to keep my car in good condition till I return. I have nobody here to start the engine periodically and I think I will have to disconnect the battery. Will you please tell me about things I should attend to before I leave ?
By Vijayakumar 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Apart from disconnecting battery.
1. Keep the garage free from rodents or put rodent repellents inside and outside the car
2.No need to worry about rust formation if the car is put in closed space as mentioned.
3.After comming back You can give the car for general service and use the same as usual.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

Don't do anything. nothing required. only get the battery charged after coming back.the swift petrol engine engine will start with first crank. After that change engine oil and do servicing.

Answer by Sagar Ade 04 April 2010

dear friend,
pldont wait for yr car to be rusted.Pl sell it immidately.
You will recover some amount and after yr return visit from usa you can buy a good brand new model car whith new technology and style.

Answer by Bhoopendra 04 April 2010

as advised by shiva just ensure that your garage is free of rodents ,how you manage it is upto you rest no need to worry bcos neither a car rusts get outdated or looses its value in six months and you are leaving for just six months not six years as understood by some of our friends .

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010

Ya that's right you are just going for six months and not for years, so follow as per Shiva suggession.


Answer by Rajesh Narvankar 04 April 2010

Covering your car will make it dust and scratch proof

Answer by Hemant 04 April 2010

Thank you Shiv for your very good advice. I will definitely follow what you suggested. It is a covered garage and the doors are very strong and the rodents cannot enter my garage

Answer by Vijayakumarpn 04 April 2010

If I were you I will sell the car and buy a new one when u come back. As I feel if you do not use the machine, it will not be good after six months. Yes disconnecting battery is good, but what about the tyres?

Rodents can enter any secured garage and we havbe plenty of them in our country.

If you do not want to sell, keep the car with a good reliable friend, who can atleast use it and take care of it for you.


Answer by Rajan Viswanathan 04 April 2010

Don't worry about starting the engine periodically,The systems are quit good.Just take your car to Authorised service station and chick your battery wheather it will last for six months ,without charge.

Answer by Viki 04 April 2010

if you sell your one year old car you are going to loose atleast 1.5 lacs .although nothing happens to the tyres in six months .in case you have to change them you loose max 18k .this too is extreme probablity.

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010

Disconnect the battery & for Tyre safety put your car on Jack or make arrangement so that all four wheels should hang in air otherwise standing on same position for six months tyre will be flat & damaged.

Answer by Rajeeva Khare 04 April 2010
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