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i want to buy an suv , should i go for safari 4x4 or scorpio 4x4 or none of them , is spending 8 - 10 lak extra on fortuner worth
By Jagbirdhanoa 04 April 2010

By 4x4 do think you are actually going to use your vehicle rough and off road - if you are only then look for a 4x4. Else no point, again after blowing 24-25 lacks on a Fortuner do you think you are going to have the heart to use it rough? Again wait before you go for Fortuner, its got an engine problem the same as what toyotas are facing in the west. Scorpio & Safari both wobble at 110-115, though safari is a little more better than scorpio. If you are looking for some real rough'n tough 4x4 vehicle and again hardly has any major problems, very stable on road even at 150-160, even the 4x4 is better than bot safari and scorpio due its larger road grip, minor hits and scrapes too don't creat dents mush unlike safari and scorpio, and most of all cost of maintenance if any is far lesser that any of the suvs today, also every service is like after 15K Kms unlike the others who need to go at 10K Kms. - if this interests you then you need to be checking on 'Tata's Dbl Cab 4x4 TL (Telcoline)' or 'Tata's Dbl Cab 4x4 Xenon'. I've been using the TL like for sometime now, use it real bad and rough and everytime it prover to be a meaner machine that can handle the mean use, cost vice not had any major issues and I choce TL over Xenon was basically when I purchased it Xenon was yet to be launched. The +Pt of TL over Xenon is if you make trips out of town often of live in some remote place and you got any kind of probs wirst case situation you could tow it to the nearest local garage, 2nd is the metal used for the body is thicker which means lesser dents, cheaper spares and most of all unlike the latest SUVs including Xenon its bumpers are hard iron so which means lesser damages. Xenon is a little more better in looks, comfortable, most of all it definitly is better in milage as compared to TL. And both these can be used to ferry you as well as your materials...basically these 2 are SUTs and not SUVs....and Typically a Man's Vehicle!!! - I've been using Pajeros, Landcruisers, been using a Fortuner too off late, have had a Scorpio and still do have a Safari, but personally TL & Xenon are absolute value for money!!

Answer by Binoe 04 April 2010

Great advice you have got up above Sir. If you want a serious 4X4 that you can use offroad as well, just buy a Gypsy. At less than 6 lakhs it is a proven performer, can climb a wall, pull itself out of trouble, and it is smooth and super reliable. There is a 3 month waiting period, but this vehicle is a virtue that all others will struggle to keep up with. You can beat it all you want, and it will beg to keep going. If you're looking for luxury that looks like a rough ride, then God help you and your kind!

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

Both the vehicles are good. I would say one should buy SUVs with 4x4 only. You never know when you end up in a dig and the vehicle is quite heavy to be pushed out. 4WD makes it independent.

Also, 4WD will make you confident of going to those extra mile where you would dread in 2WD vehicles.

Fortuner is indeed worth the money, but the wait for fortuner is huge, are you okay with that, even safari and scorpio 4x4 are made on order, so expect quite a bit of waiting period for them too.

Answer by Amit 04 April 2010

Forur=ner is wortha ton..Its the best Suv among all 3

Answer by Vallab 04 April 2010

buy a new tata safari 2.2 vtti no better option than this best suv for indian roads

Answer by Gaurav Dave 04 April 2010

I have booked toyota fortuner mainll to tow my trailer caravan and as atravelling vehicle for long travel trips. Wonder whether ican do with xenon. will it be a good substitute for fortuner

Answer by Avinash Bhonsle 04 April 2010

Hi All, I have seen that somebody written here as fortuner is facing engine problem in India. No body aware of this problem for fortuner niether toyota or any customer. In the west, the real problem is not for the engine, only for the accelerator pedal, It is replacing by Toyota for free of cost.

Answer by Jabir 04 April 2010

on indian roads not worth spending 10 lacs extra
safari is time tested and go for 2x2 rather than 4x4
u realy do not drive above 120 often
hence save money and improve peace of mind

Answer by Rajaram 04 April 2010

For off roadind and no nonsense vehicle dont look beyond scorpio.if you have moolah to throw in go for fortuner.Functionally scorpio is way abouve safari in taking tough rides.safari will give you hedhaches sooner than later

Answer by Jeeth Thomas 04 April 2010

plzzz don't go for safari or scor, just go for fortuner blindlly, or whtever u like to. butdon't go for safari n scor

Answer by Sonu 04 April 2010

i have read the advices given to u and find some very interesting .if you want to buy a vehicle exclusively for offroading then i would not advice the safari ,although i own one and i love my safari like anything.the 2.2 dicor is a very stable and troublefree vehicle till the time u get it serviced on time i drive my safari around220km every day and i find it far better than the scorpio .i disagree when some people say that it "s unstable at120km i've done delhi to varansi in 8 .2 hours alone going upto 160kms at open streches especially on kanpur and allahabad byepass.but when it comes to serious offroading i would not advice either safari or the scorpio.fortunner is a different class of vehicle.

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

AMong the options mentioned Tata Safari Dicor would make optimum selection for its proven performance, power,handsome outlook and cost effectiveness considering features availale at the price ragne of around 10lac. Fortuner is nodoubt better than Safari and comes at 8 to 10 lacs higher price than safari.The point to be considered is the budget range and features for which Safari solves the purpose.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

i owned a land cruiser but i go for a fortuner bcause it is best in its class

Answer by Ankur 04 April 2010


Answer by Harshal 04 April 2010

You should go for Safari Dicor.

Answer by Ravindra Joshi 04 April 2010

fortuner is best suv but it is quite costly right now safari 2.2 vvti tried & tested suv it is improved quality wise so u can go for safari because in this budged its worth

Answer by Dr Anuj Singh 04 April 2010

You should go for Safari Dicor money and improve peace of mind

Answer by JASVINDER 04 April 2010

In Indian situations an SUV which costs around 10 lakhs is value for money.Spending 20 lakhs for a Fortuner in India is good if you have excess money to spend. The so 'glorified' Fortuner by some readers is a real pick up vehicle in some part of the world which is otherwise known as 'UTE' ( short form for utility vehicle) which had been modified to an SUV for the Indians ( with a possible agenda 'this is enough for the Indians' ). I don't really understand why the Indians are glorifying the Toyotas. My dear friend do not buy an SUV for more than a maximum of 15 lakhs in India unless you have enough money. Wait little more if you can spare time to buy the Skoda Yeti when it hit the Indian roads very soon or if you want to spend upto 20 lakhs buy Ford Endeavour. Cheers

Answer by Rajan Baby 04 April 2010

Hi Jag,

No stories here. Just a simple reply. Go for a Scorpio 4x4, far better SUV overall than a Safari. Reliability, Performance, After Sales Service, Features, everything is superior compared to the Safari. Most important point being that it is far better VFM product.

Coming to Fortuner, its worth every single rupee spent. If you can spend 20-22L, forget Scorpio or Safari, and go for the Big Daddy of them all, the Fotuner.

Answer by Chandan Soni 04 April 2010

Dear mr Rajan Baby

U are right fortuner is a pickup vehicle, but the vehicle you recommend 'Endevour' is also a pickup in european countries. Endevour is modified to look like an SUV but actually it is being used by farmers in UK for carrying vegetable, farm equipments etc.
If someone has money and don't care about average then must go for CRV.

Answer by Matthew 04 April 2010
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