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hi I plan to buy a hyundai elantra GT, i have an offer from a dealer for a 2005 elantra @ 2.6L, till what price can i negotiate, and most imp what all should i check in the car before buying.
By Jets 04 April 2010

That's an excellent deal if the car is in good condition. Pay a mechanic Rs.500, have him/her check out the car for you. The investment is well worth it. Don't try to save yourself this small headache, since you will be rewarded with some great driving pleasure later!

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Hyundai Elantra at 2.6 lac is a great offer and you can goahead with the same.While checking vehicl pay attention to ease of start,interior quality,ride comforte etc.If possible take a mechanic with you for thorough inspection.Aapart from vehicle condition the original RC book,insurance validty etc is to be checked.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

good deal....make sure car is in good condition

Answer by Kp Rajehs 04 April 2010

hi its right deal but u can negotiate with dealer as market pries for elantra is 250k for dealer and 225k for individual , before taking please cheek 1] battery 2] radiator as this are the two imp parts

Answer by Feroz Multani 04 April 2010

I have recently taken test drive of Alentra-2006, as compared to my Sonata Gold 2002 Model, i found it's most useless with respect to below things:
1. No Tilt Stearing wheel.
2. No hight adjustable driver seat.
3. No Leather interiors.
4. AC is too poor, even at high settings, it cant even cool engough that u can breath properly, compared better to keep windows open.
5. Engine noise inside the car is as good as any other diesel car.
6. overall feel- Cockpit arrangement, interiors-very poor.

If u can add another 50 to 75K, u can get a well maintained Sonata itself.

One more thing i would like to suggest, plz think about diesel vehicles with turbo & crdi even if it's little higher also, coz petrol prices are increasing like anything.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 04 April 2010

Elentra good car ,specious good for long drive.

Answer by Thomas 04 April 2010
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