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which is the good car between mohindra logan and accent crdi,verna?what cost i have to pay ?

By Honey on Aug 4, 2008


  • Expert Hi,
    Looking wise Verna is best ,performance wise Logon is better. If we consider Overll performance ,style and availability at cheaper price ,Used Accent CRDI is best.
    If you are looking for buying new diesel sedan then Logon will be better considering Good enough style and performance . If looking for used car , please go for Accent CRDI. If cost is not a constraint Go for Verna.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Aug 5, 2008

  • Hi Please do not campare between logan and verna, first of all you be clear you want to go for used one or new one and your budget.

    Logan is a better choice to consider as a car carriyng people with more comfort,

    Verna is stylish car and more power which will give a better image and status.

    hope you will clear with this informations.
    Answer by Manjunath on Aug 5, 2008

  • mahindra is abest indian car its service . in all over india . logan look is very personal seggito is logan is best. allas your choice is last .
    Answer by AMITBOHRA on Aug 5, 2008

  • The logan diesel is good for long distance and if you cover daily 100+kms. But look wise and performance wise CRDI Verna is a good car but cost wise may be more than Logan. it is cost vs the looks
    Answer by S Sridharan on Aug 5, 2008

  • Hi,
    If you going to buy the used car, its better to go for Accent CRDI than any other car for its best look and performance.

    But If you have planned for a new car, then go for logan which is a nice car...

    Answer by Janakiraman on Aug 6, 2008

  • Hi,
    Logan is best car because the price is low compare to Verna.For stylish look the Verna is good and for power is also good but maintanance is high compare to Logan.If you are buying new car my choice is Logan and the spacious also more compare to Verna.
    If you are buying used car my choice is Accent Crdi.
    Answer by Rama Durai on Aug 6, 2008

  • Logan is really comfortable and got a decent engine, but its looks are close to crap.
    The Accent is a dead car, dont buy it. The verna is awesome.. in performance, but its slightly cramped and will kill u on long distance.
    So guage what u want from the car, long or short distance, performance or economy and then choose. You might also want to consider resale value. (of which accent has none)
    Price- Usually u have to pay watever the dealer asks for. But if u hold a gun to his head then he might give it for cheaper, or maybe even free.

    Answer by Randy on Aug 8, 2008

  • hi if ur looking for a used car then go for accent..nd comparing verna nd logan i think logan is better........
    Answer by Sivan on Aug 27, 2008

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