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Gentlemen, God day to you. My question is, Is there any technical calculation for finding out, how much kilometers will a car perform(run) for one litre of petrol, deisel or LPG, I mean separate calculations for each. Normally we ask the manufacturer or the distributor, again, how they are telling this fact, based on what ? Let us take into consideration, the various speeds in the city limits or or on the four track highways. Can anybody help me with a clear understandable explanation. Thank you.
By SREEDHARAN 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

The mileage testing at manufacturer plant is done by rnning the car on test rig noting the fuel consumed per unit time and distance travelled. In next stage Road test carried out on actual roads containing features of both highway and bumpy rides .Like taking test drive from Bangalore to Chennai and to other city having bumpy roads.The fuel consumed at each stage and distance travelled are entered in log books. Here total fuel in tank and distance travelled is taken and efficency is caluculated in terms of total distance travelled and fuel if for 10 liters of fuel consumed distance traveled is 800KM then the efficiency is 80KM per liter.
Based on the total performance in different road conditions,speeds the average mileage is given.However one more pointed to be considerd here is that the drivers who test drive are experts and know methids of getting best of mileage.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

As i was engaged with Honda company for 2 years , what i had learned and what my personal experience says that mileage of car is basically depends on driving condition and gear is quite obvious that in Delhi where there is so much of traffic it becomes impossible for us maintain speed and mileage. big cc will give less mileage as calculation it quite lengthy to explain

Answer by Hasmeet Singh 05 May 2010

Most automakers will claim their figures "under Test conditions", which is their standardized routine for any car to test fuel mileage. Under actual conditions, you can knock off say 20 percent of that claimed mileage. Running your tank from empty to empty will give you an idea of how much you got for the amount of fuel filled. This is not the E on your fuel gauge but the actual moment the car stops without fuel.

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2010

For bikes we test reserve to reserve but for cars it is easy to check full tank to full tank. Just fill the tank and drive on the terrain on which you wish to know the mileage then after many kilometers again fill petrol preferably in the same bunk to full tank the difference in kilometer readings between the two full tanks gives you the actual kilometers run for the amount of fuel you pay for in the second time.

Answer by Venkateshwaran 01 January 2012
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