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i am planning to buy a 2002 lancer petrol which has been converted into a lpg version by the previous dealer.I would like to know whether the maintenance cost will be high and what mileage can i expect from it in kolkata?will be pleased if you could suggest me the suitable price for the car(The car has run 42k and is in mint condition with all taxes cleared and papers up to date)
By Zaid Ali 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Lancer petrol version carof 2002 canbe bought for around 2.25 lac max if in good conditionas mentioned. With fittment of lpg kit theere could be increase in maintenance costs.It will be better to get the same inspected by mehcnic to check out the exact condition of car before finalysing deal.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

lancer 2002 petrol with lpg should cost you 1.75 lacs, maintainance costs will be high, the average on lpg would be around 10 kms per kg, go for car without lpg will cost you around 2 lacs, low maintainance, average will be 8-9 kms/ltr depends on the driving and car condition. but the driving experience will be better than lpg.

Answer by Pranav 04 April 2010

Thank You sir for replying.I am getting the car for 1.5lacs and the external condition looks good.Some people told me that engine running on cng is bad for the engine condition.Is cng not good for the engine?

Answer by Zaid Ali 04 April 2010

mine is only 60000 run its value is 100000 aprox now only on petrol dont buy lpg car

Answer by Prashant 04 April 2010
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