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I am looking for a loan with minimum down payment for an Alto LXI with least documentations. What is the maximum amount of loan I can get? Even paying a bit higher EMI wont be a problem for me, but I dont want to use my liquid cash for down payment. I noticed some offer by HDFC till 7th May. Is it true?? If yes what is the catch?? Is it wise to go for it?
By Elayaraja 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Though 100 percent loanamount is offered, the intrest rate would be it higher and so do the procedure. The main thing to be considered the intrest rate, EMI amount, tenure. Also hidden charges as listed out are to be considered which seems to be tougher.It will be advisable to decide regarding the same only after getting exact intrest rate and EMI.
In short it would be wiser to save certain amount and reduce the loan amount as much as possible .Otherwise you will end up by paying huge intrest by the time loan is cleared.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

Dear Sir,
Pleased tell me the 1st down payment in % I mean that whether we pay 20% or beyond this from my principle amount? in car loan.

Answer by TAKO LEYA 10 October 2013

Friends plz reply me i want to purchase a i10 car of cost 3.75 lakhs and i want to make a down payment of Rs. 1 lakh than how much EMI i have to pay every month, I want to pay the EMI in 60 months. plz reply me or mail me on

Answer by Manoj 10 October 2013

pls you go with nationalised bank like sbi

Answer by Vishal Sharma 01 January 2011

i want to bue hyndai i 10 , but i want minimum downpayment amount.all i will clear through emi.can u help me for these.

Answer by Bibhash Gune 11 November 2011

Hello how are you hope you're well? My name is Mr Johnson,the loan lender from Dakar,senegal my dear if you are looking for a loan i guess you have to trust me because i work with bank of africa here in senegal so my dear if you really need a trust loan contact me at

Answer by MrJohnson 01 January 2013

haiiu i'm thinking to buy maruthi ertiga diesel

Answer by Sibil S S 06 June 2013


i m working in one small retail in banglore..
i want to start one new business with car.. but i need low downpayment.. i can pay monthly 10000-12000EMI..
pls help me..
my mail ID

Answer by Chandu Rao 08 August 2013

Dear Sibil,

This is a gentle reminder to follow-up on your concern . Requesting you to share details inorder for us to assist/resolve your concern. Kindly share your details with us on


Magma Care

Answer by Magma 07 July 2013

Dear Sibil,

Magma can offer you a solution here. We would encourage you to provide us with your detail ÔÇ" Location and mobile No at

Magma Fincorp

Answer by Magma 07 July 2013

Hi want to maruti omni but i have lowest down payament and iam looking for a loan with minimum down payement for a maruti omni with least document

Answer by ATUL KUMAR 04 April 2014

What will be minimum down payment for toyota innova whose cost is 14 lacks?

Answer by Shoyeb Majgaonkar 06 June 2014

first of all i want to know you income profile then will be decide which bank will you finance you can talk about finance with me on this mobile no 07388600792

Answer by ATUL ASTHANA 07 July 2014

Shall I get buy a car in emi at 0% downpayment.
I am an employee of state government and my salary status 23 K monthly, I am sarching a car within 4 Lakh.

Answer by Iran Jyoti Sarma 01 January 2016

Yes or no or call me or email

Answer by Sachin Rathod 02 February 2016

I want to buy maruti Suzuki car with less down payment so what is the process!!!
Thanks Sameer

Answer by Sameer Khan 03 March 2016

i want to buy a renault kwid rxt of coast 3. 54lakh but i cant pay downpayment above 10000 Rs.

Answer by Alok Mishra 07 July 2016

hi iam sai , iwant to buy tata indica for low downpayment can u suggest me in this . As i can pay 70000 as downpayment

Answer by Saikanth 08 August 2016

hi iam sai , iwant to buy tata indica for low downpayment can u suggest me in this . As i can pay 70000 as downpayment

Answer by Saikanth 08 August 2016

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Answer by Nilson Willaims 09 September 2016


Answer by Tim 10 October 2016

Hi I want to buy a car for commercial use ... And my requirements are if get that in low amount of down payment then plz suggest

Answer by Sangeeta Bhat 01 January 2017


Answer by Sangeeta Bhat 01 January 2017


Answer by Sangeeta Bhat 01 January 2017
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