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I have recently purcased NANO LX model, but now fearing after seeing two more NANO's on fire, even to get into the car. Is there any possibility of TATA's calling back the NANO's of 2009?
By S N Rao 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

It would indeed dishearten any body with re occurance of such incidents.Though Tata Motors are said to be investigating the same.They should issue public notice with what went wrong and how was it rectified and more details in this matter. Otherwise it will be come a huge flop.Which is loss to both Tata Motors and common man's dream as mentioned by Tata Motors. We will also send the message to Tata Motors regarding the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

Please do not expect Tata to do any recalling of their cars. They have not even accepted the full extent of their fault and are calling these "stray" incidents. I wonder if they will be able to brush away a thousand stray incidents, but please buy a handy fire extinguisher and don't carry anything valuable in your car that you might have to leave behind in a hurry if you have to evacuate. It is a design fault, and one that the average Nano buyer cannot do much about. You get what you pay for.

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

It is shocking to read about the response of Tata Motors on the fire incidences happened with Nano.They are simply shirking away from the responsibility of providing the right reason for these abnormalities.They must seriously look in to it.Find out the root cause and address the same at the earliestThey must not sit back and see the TAMASHA.It's a buyers' market now,that they should realize.

Answer by ANIRUDDHA 04 April 2010

It is learnt that Primaface that the Cars burent have modified to power steering to Manual.However it is the responsibility of the TATA Motors to issue a detailed investigation report or to accept their responsibility of design fault (If it is there).If the fault is there in design definitely it is the responsibility of the TATAs to rectify it by calling back the Cars sold.I have already addressed to TATA Motors on this Issue.Reply is awaiting.

Mr.Rao garu no problem you can sought for the information about the earlier fire incidents and Investigation Report there on under under the Right of Infiormation Act.Initioally you file a report and also file a petition under consumer Protection Act if you are finding any problem in the Vehicle duly informing about the Fire incidence of apprehension.For any further doubts don't hesitate to call 9391339874

Answer by Satyanarayana 04 April 2010

Tata motors should seriously look into this matter and should come clear about these incidents.these incidents are harming the company's reputation in a big way. and as some of our friends have suggested should be carrying a fire extingusher in any car leave aside the nano (recntly somebody died in a Honda city in delhi).its always better to take precaution .as far as carrying expensive things are concerned better carry your brains specially when becoming a car expert and answering questions.Mr shiva dont u think the answers should be screened so that people are not misleadand panic is not created .

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Mr Rajiv I agree with comments.Some of them are bit exagerated or harsh. However with repetition of such incidents people tend to give such comments only, but it has to be taken sportively.It would be a boosting factor for customer morale if Tata Motors can stop reoccurance of such incidents and give breif note on what went wrong in few cars and how it wont affect safety concern of other cars.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

Sir, please note that in India - " Goods Once Sold will not be taken Back or Exchanged"

Answer by Manjunath 04 April 2010

I am using Nano Car for last 8 months and completed 4000 kms of running without any problem.

Answer by Devdatt Dharmadhikari 04 April 2010

Thank You Manjunadh for your Comment. It is not correct to say that "GOODS ONCE SOLD CANNOT BE TAKEN BACK".It may applicable to Perishable items but not consumer GOODS.If any body find Fault in any item can be rectified or replaced with new one or refund the Money depending upon the Case under consumer Protection Act.In recent times several companies have call back the Cars sold in which some faults were found.

Here in this case TATAs are not a small company and it is considered to be a Multinational Company and who will definitely act on this incidents.

It may not be out of Place to mention that it is fashion and do at their will without following the instructions of the Company Manuals.I heard that one Car met with fire accident have changed the Manual Steering with Power Steering.I don't know whether it is correct or not.But it may not be fair on our part to cretise the TATAs who have created history in the Car History by giving a Car for unbelievable price.Now every Company is following the same analogy.Hence we should wait until a detailed investigation Report Comes.There is an every Possiability of Teething Troubles for every New Product.We all aware that how much Troubles TATAs have faced in estblishing a Small Car Industry in Bengakl with Govt. of Bengal and Mamata Benarjee.Even then they have kept their Promise for which we should appreciate them for their delivering GOODS despit unwanted Troubles with Political scenerio.

Answer by Satyanarayana 04 April 2010

i agree to your comments that tata"s should take these incidents more seriosly and should come out with a clear answer to the querries raised by the masses that would definitely boost its reputation ,but what i do not find appropriate are some answers by certain people who straight away declare a product a useless without having any practical knowledge ,without logic .most of these comments are from people who do not know the difference between hood and boot.

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010

Tata Motors have the reputation of testing the vehicle by actual users. They don't believe much on simulation. Right from old Tata Estate days thru Indica and now Nano, every time vehicle had teething issues during their initial years. Nano will face more problems because there is hardly any room to get a quality product at this price. Price targets were given to all vendors and then they designed the parts. Tata's own component making units - known as Tata Auto comp Systems, an white elephant among Tata group- have hardly any entry to Nano business as they just can't meet the Cost Targets. And with big names in small car business who can selve out a little more, none will be interested in coming days. It will be a tough time for Tatas. And so far fire is concerned , in Delhi Tata's low floor buses with CNG kits catch fire every alternate week! Just don't bother much! Nano will come out of this inferno- pure and chaste.

Answer by Hans R Mishra 04 April 2010
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