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i am planning to buy a second hand tata safari in kolkata.what should be the average price(model 2004 and later) and what rare the things i should keep in mind(engine,gear box,body rust,etc).And which engine is better the normal diesel or tthe dicor. thank you, pema
By Pema 04 April 2010

buy safari only if it is Dicor engine don't buy TCIC engine,price should be 3.5 to 4 lack

Answer by Ukmishra 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

DICOR engines are upgraded versions and henc eperformance is better. Safari of 2004 can be bought for around 3.0 lac.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010


Dicor is anyday better than earlier version. Since the of 2.2 the prices of 3ltr dicor has dropped drastically, try for a second hand 3ltr you certainly will get good bargain.

Answer by Naresh Chhabra 04 April 2010

You should opt for the Safari Dicor 2.2. but my addvise is go in for a new one. If your going in for a second hand then make sure the vehicle has been serviced by an authorised dealer only, by going through the vehicle history

Answer by Darryll 04 April 2010

As stated by others dicor is a better and more advanced version.safari"s performance is far better with the 2.2 engine.things to be kept in mind are Timely service .clean airfilter .best available engine oil.avoid using rear door ,else keep the spare tyre elsewhere to avoid rattling of the rear of luck .drive safe.

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010
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