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I frequently visit the website of to know about the used vehicles. sometimes I get interested to buy one finding it as per my choice and within my resources, but these vehicles usually are available at distant places like Delhi, Banglore, Chandigarh, Mumbai, etc. I belong to J&K and deem it a hardship to get the ownership transfered in my name, as I don't have time to do so. Is there any agency which can genuinely help me to transfer the ownership of any vehicle, so that I can think of buying a used vehicle.
By Kazim Wani 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

If you buy the car from any of the branded used car dealers/ genuine well known customers then you can easily get transfer of ownership to your place.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

I think you have not got an expert answer to your question. First of all if you spot a car on and ask any used car dealer to do the transfer for you from another state, the answer will be NO, or it will cost you well over the cost you saw on the site. Besides, they won't certify the car, because you chose it! How are you going to know if some chap selling a car far away from you is a "genuine well known customer"? No, there are no agents to do this work for you, and certainly nobody who will take the responsibility of this process that involves getting a No Objection Certificate from the state of registration, paying tax in your state, and reclaiming any left over tax from the original registration RTO. It is complicated, and unless you find a deal that is fantastic, may not be worth the trouble. If you DO find something that excites you, make sure you have all the forms, applications and procedures lined up clearly so you don't go there and spend too much time instead of driving back happily in your car! Good Luck!

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

i dont agree with Mr.Kumar totally but partially yes, b'coz of some people we all dealers get insulted....but we as a dealer dont do this....Mr.Wani we deal in used cars in Delhi & we do have agents who will get the cars transferred on ur name after we forward all the documents to him...all they need is money...which I think will not matter much to you compromising on time...if u will say will also try & find out for the car with J&K regd....pls advise ur requirement for the car....My cell# is 9910405251

Answer by Dipanshu 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

it will too better to a users to buy a vehicle as his own state regn.. it will be too better
1... lot of amount can be save of rto reregn
2...value will be more at the resale time
3...most valuable time to run here and there
4...relief from mentaly harrash ment etc etc
after all this any one want to buy other state vehicle pl
change name in her/his name by affidavid at the rto where vehicle regd. than u may apply noc to ur native place rto any free time ..

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 04 April 2010

Thank You, Mr. Shankar, Mr. B.S. Kumar, Mr. Jain and especially Mr. Dipanshu, for genuine guidance. Mr. Dipanshu I will call you on your given cell no at any convenient time.

Answer by Kazim Wani 04 April 2010
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