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Hello, I am planning to buy Skoda Octavia Elegance 1.9 TDI used car 2006/2007 model. Is it a good car to buy second hand? What would be the yearly maintenance cost? What is the best price for these models? Also, I heard Skoda is going to stop selling Octavia due to BSIV norms in cities. Does it going to affect the service any way?
By Ramesh 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Skoda Octavia of 2006/7 can be bought for around 7 to 8 lac depending upon the condition and accessories.Yearly maintenance cost could be around 30K rs can vary depending upontype of service done and spares replaced.Introduction of BS IV norms and discontinueing of model wont affect service and maintenance.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010


It is like White elephant. If their is small problem in engine than even after replacement of that part it will not work properly. Now new service rate of company is 11000/ and to be done every 5000 Km. So RS Per KM extra. So Petrol Honda civic is better choice.

2006/07 in Delhi you can get for 5-6 Lac. But GOD bless you after that.


Answer by KD Singh 04 April 2010

Well a skoda oktavia is a very economic car in terms of fuel efficiency. The parts are a little expensive but again if you see the price of the new car is around 13 lakhs. Besides its a very sturdy car and a status symbol. About the yearly maintenence it would be around 6-7 thousand in the showroom for servicing. I can help you getting a good deal with a skoda if you are interested in one. Have a few options availabith me. Pics attached. Call me if anyone is interested : 9860027000.

Answer by Zoheb 04 April 2010

Skoda is one of the best diesel sedan Annual maintainence cost will be around 15 to 20 k depending on the condition of the car,you can get 06/07 model in 6-7 lakhs

Answer by Amar 04 April 2010

Hello, I am planning to sell my skoda octavia 2005 model with excellent condition with new battery,new tyres & insured till next yr & silver in color. If you are interested can contact me at 9822545823. Its the best fuel effeciency vehicle.

Answer by Rohit 12 December 2010

i am riding this car since 2005.its a good car to buy second hand it is a little heavy to maintain .but it is a symbol of stats. if you are planning to buy a skoda i got is a skoda octavia elegance 1.9 tdi its tyres are 90% good and have a excelent condition vehicle if you want to see it or any one is intrested to see more information about this car please send your interest to my email
its price is 465000 it is 2004/9 model

Answer by Kichu C Menon 04 April 2011

Hello, I am planning to buy Skoda Octavia used car 2005 model which is almost 91,000km run. Is it a good car to buy second hand? What would be the monthly maintenance cost?

Answer by Fahad 01 January 2016

can new octavia engine can suit for old one

Answer by Ashok 02 February 2016

Wht is difference between octavian 1.9 rider & octavia elwgence. Kindly reply anyone.plz.

Answer by Krishna 05 May 2016

hi i am ready to sold my skoda octavia 1.9 tdi 2006 a price of 2.2 lac car is in good condition car is registered in haryana

Answer by Praveen 05 May 2016

Anyone selling Skoda Octavia old model, please contact.

Answer by Abhishek 12 December 2021
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