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sir, i am planning to buy a car for my wife,we shortlisted spark,santro,estilo and beat.Which one will be a better option considering low maintenance,easy handling and reliability.
By Manu 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

Considering the overall parameters like style,performance, power etc Chevrolet Beat would be the best selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

I agree with Shiva

Answer by Ashu 04 April 2010

Please avoid all GM cars. They're nothing but junk. People in their native markets (USA) avoid GM cars as much as possible. The Chevy Beat and Spark are no exception. The Santro and Estilo come from companies with good engineering and decent reputation. Take your pick.

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

estilo would make a better selection...its new looks and new engine..makes a good choice.

Answer by Dheeraj 04 April 2010

you car gift a car for wife. if you are below 30 year can go to beat it is really a stylish look car wonder ful desighn size too convinent for ladies and good avg.
and if you are above 35year go to gen estil maruti desent car for ladies good seting posion and good avg low mentinence.
not go to santro/ spark these all are useless car.
devinder yadav

Answer by Devinder Yadav 04 April 2010

Indian market is different than US/ Europe market where price of the car much less than their annual income, and there are no Maruti Santro/ MAruti Estilo for comparison. by the same token these cars will also be avoided, if launched there.

Answer by Rakesh 04 April 2010

No doubt just go for ZEN estilo. I have one & i am fully satisfied with this.

Answer by RAJIVA 04 April 2010

hey guys,just pay bit respect for these big giants of auto industry,,how can u say that GMC,Chevy R junk.Dear Frineds they r just u know..the engines like GM,its hardly required to touch till 2-3 lakh KM,except air,fuel filter...and by the way,,india is different market...sakoda ia a flop brand of cheko...but here its biggest..hittt...daewoo,launched air bag tech. in 1995..but none of the expert or people botherd them..same tech..nowdays lauched,,so people remarks oh its extraordinery thing..((MY VIEWS....EVERY CAR IS GOOD AND BEST IN ITS CLASS..THE THING MAKES IT BEST OR WORST,,,THE ONE N ONLY PERSON ""LOCAL MEACHANIC(ENGINEER)"""95% OF THE INDIAN AUTH.SERVICE STATION'S TECHNICAL STAFFS ARE NOT PROFESSIONALY QUALIFIED)s what result u can except,,car r made by highly qualified engineers and desginers...and these people(unprofessional meachanics) do R&D on these cars

Answer by Ukmishra 04 April 2010

Hi Manu,
I believe that any car which has a working engine, tyres and body will run on roads. Each car or brand has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose a car which suites you both and which fits your budget will all the features you wish for. Rate any car on the basis of its proven performance (if its not a new entry), after sales service and cost of maintenance and spare parts.

Answer by Jiji 04 April 2010

Hi Manu, I agree with Shiva here, Among all your selections the Beat suits you best. I dont agree people who say GM is to be avoided. Every car has advantages and disadvantages. Beat offer best deal with the price tag. The Beat has Better Interior, Exterior, Space and Power (1.2L engine) among all the selections you made. I dont see service centers to be a problem at all. GM service centers are good but unfortunately not plenty as Maruti and Hyundai. You need to get your car service once in 7-10 months. You can manage that if service centers are not too far to approach. I heard ppl complaining about the Maruti service too.
You can find more details about the BEAT in link below.

Answer by Abhishek 04 April 2010

all cars listed by you are good and within a reasonable price frame.Some of the cars(Santro) are older, in terms of introduction to the market but are reliable in terms of after sales service and availability of spares. Check in respect of proximity to a good dealer and his authorised workshop, where you can take a car conveniently for service etc.
All makes listed are good, with BEAT the latest.All these companies want to stay in India so service should not be a problem.
Choose in terms of proximity to centre of service etc, so that you do not have to travel a lot of distance for the same.

Answer by Pradeepjauhar 04 April 2010
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