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Recently I have buyed a used Hyundai Accent GVS 2003 form Kolkata. It gives 10 km/liter Petrol in Highway without AC. There is no starting problem or other abnormal sound in engine. I drive my car at 70 to 80 km/hour. What may be the problem and how can I get minimum 15 km/liter? Please reply very early.
By Asish Kumar Raut 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

With Accent GVS mileage you are getting is quite good. you can get slightly better mileage by installing best of the airfilters,using premium fuel, maintaining correct tire pressure etc.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2010

It is a complete misnomer that you will get better fuel mileage by using premium fuel. Absolutely no chance! Even if you get a miniscule saving, it won't save you the difference in fuel prices! To get better mileage, just take your car in for a routine service and ask the mechanic to check out the usual components to get you the best mileage. Yes, you should be able to get 15-17.

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

After prolonged use of premium petrol I can say that I have not observed any discernable increase in mileage.

Answer by Robin 04 April 2010


Just ensure the following things are done in periodic maintenance.
1. Clutch Plate & Pressure Plate condition-If it's worn out, then a heavy milage drop will occur
2. Calibration of Injectors & Tuning accordingly: Improves Fuel consumption.
3. Radiator Effeciency- Helps improving performance & milage too..
4. check if the Timing belt has been replaced at 65K Kms, if not replace it immediately as u travel on highways, suppose if it breaks means there will be a big problem in engine.

But clutch u have to get checked as early as possible as ur car is around 6 years old.

One of my boss got used 2001 model Ascent, he has got all of the above i said done, & now in heavy Bangalore trafic he is getting around 10kms/Ltr milage, based on his experience i suggested u to check accordingly.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 04 April 2010


Answer by Varinder 04 April 2010

Hey, Here is the simplest answer.. You are never going to get 15km from that car.. I have had 4 accents in all and the maximum mileage I ever got was 12 on my GLS once,on the highway and even then it was only because I had the airfilters changed, decarbonised the engine and had it tuned properly.. If you are lookign for mileage, you got the wrong car my friend.

Answer by Imran 04 April 2010

You should get mileage around 15, but it is possible only on Highway. In city, you cannot get the more than 8. I have a Hyundai Accent of 2000 Model, it still gives me more than 13 on highway, though i have not maintained it properly. So, do the above suggested measures, and hope for the best.

Answer by Hitendra Singh 04 April 2010

no chance it will give 15 in highways and 10 in city without ac

Answer by Palani 11 November 2010

My Accent 2003 Car gives 17 kms on Highway

Answer by Srinivas 09 September 2015

Hi i have an offer 1.6k for hyundai Accent GVS - 2004 - Petrol - 27kms

I can go vth it

Answer by Anil 05 May 2017

2003 Hyundai accent at Rajnandgaon is available at 100000 only go for it and enjoy

Answer by Darshan 05 May 2018

hi i am from uttarakhand , i recent buyed accent 2006 gle e3 . firstly i changed all the four tyres with smaller size tyres 155/80r13 and fully serviced I am getting 20kmpl on hw

Answer by Nitin Bhandari 07 July 2021
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