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It is learnt that some NANO Cars are met with Fire Accidents.In such be the case as to why Got. has notfeared on this issue.What is the report and Answer of TATA Motors on this Fire Accidents.Being a Reputed Company TATA Motors should have Give a Public Notification or Press release on this enalising on the Fire Accident issues.What is the Action taken by the Govt. on this issue and let the Govt. should give their Report and further action on this serious issue.All our friends should act on it and give your Openion.
By Satyanarayana 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

We will provide details about the same as soon as possible.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

Thank You Sir

Answer by Satyanarayana 04 April 2010

Tata is by no means a squeaky clean company when it comes to ethics of selling their product. Yes, Nano cars have caught fire and even dealers are worried. Besides, the overall quality of Nano is highly suspect, considering how many corners have been cut to achieve this price point.

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010


In my opinion, all Tata cars are built on not so strong quality and more that very unfriendly driver cars, See New Nano cars which are burnt in the middle of the road, imagine if CNG or LPG variants available what might be the result? Luckily TATA's have not tried it. Even see and drive Indica cars which are looks more than worst even as a Taxi, and driver cannot visible the road properly and more accidents prone cars are Indicas! Even recently my brother met with accident and broken his leg with this Indica taxi(was riding Scooty and hit by hell driven reckless call centre/software co pick-up driver) I never trust this Tata vehicles. Tata's made huy & cry when Singur plant was under construction acquiring Agricultural lands from poor farmers paying some meagre amount and destroying greenery and polluting environment. Shyamsundar Joshi (Sandur) - Blore

Answer by S Joshi 04 April 2010

what u think, there is no problem in cars of another companies like maruti,hyundai,toyota,etc etc...
nano is so popular in the world.and only our indian media highlights the Popularity of Nano to increase there TRP.
if you think there is any problem in nano then what about Toyota and Honda recalls there products..also they are the no 1 position in the world.
my suggestion is to all the readers please do not blame for any one, becoz no any company want to give faulty products to their customers.
we dont know the specific reson behind the burning of Nano...
If u dont know anything then there is no any issue to do any comments on that.

Answer by Skk 04 April 2010

Best of Luck Uncle ji.... Atleast in India Someone is Having Time to Think About World.... Lolz....

Gr8... But one thing Very Clear like Melody khao khud Jan Jao.. Please Drive a nano & Forget the World Worries..

Answer by Mishra Sunil Kr 04 April 2010
Expert`s comment:

We all send our views but which Company reads it.It is just like writing a letter to the Editor,and only the writer is happy that his letter is published.Similarly what everything is written is just TIME PASS and it gives some knowledge to our reading public in Internet as no newspapers or friends talk of Nano.When one Nano catches Fire,then,we come to know through Internet and after that it is the same story.I am unable to understand how a wiring shortcircuit in a combo switch should BURN a NANO. If the wire is shortcircuited,the wiring has to get Burnt,and in the process,one can get down and cut off the main switch which is an important TOOL,which no Manufactuerers understand as their top boses do not sit in cars but only go about in aircrafts. I advise the GOVT to bring in a RULE that every vehicle sold in INDIA should have a CUT OFF SWITCH. I always carry a small spanner in my Zen car glove box, to loosen the terminals if something happens like that. Even in my old AMBASSADOR car,which I still have, has a CUT OFF SWITCH,which I disconnect at NIGHT whenever I use it.Let us hope atleast someone from TATA MOTORS read this and provide one immediate in the Production Lines.
Dr P C Rao, Green Consultant, Pune 020-2585 1784.

Answer by Dr P C Rao 04 April 2010

Mr joshi seems to have a very biased view tata about the tata cars .it seems his brothers accident by an indica has made him a tata hatred club founder.sorry mr joshi but had it been the same driver driving your outdated oldy matiz the result would have been the same.i have driven almost all tata cars and lakhs of kms i never found them troblesome its that if u care a bit about timely service .in today"s competetive world which manufacturer can dare to sell a substandard product.

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010

Hey Mr.Rajeev,

I think you have not understand my writing, I am not against anybody nor my intention is tell Tata produces substandard products, in the car histroy I never come across brand new car burnt into ashes which nobody understands, if you remember the First Nano car taken by a very senior citizen's nightmare was his very first driving is to face burning of stirring wheel and still he is in rude shock to come out of that mood and when he went and complained with Dealer for replaching his car the company officials straight away turned down his request and told we find the cause & recity and give the same car back which that old man not even wanted in his dream that happen. See Mr.Rajeev in today's world everybody wants to give good not indian international quality products and at the same time gimmics the very public by giving substandard product, and my Matiz is the first car in the world to pass anti-crass accident test. Remember it! and very safety to drive the car. I love it man. S Joshi

Answer by S Joshi 04 April 2010

Hey Mr joshi ,dont u think ur biased view about the nano and the Tata"s product is a personal on this site a person is entitled to give a non biased view about cars not what tata"s did to singrur and what the stupid old car Matiz the extinct model did when my grandparents were born.My grand parents always talk about the master buik they owned but i m not here to talk about those baseless stories . on this site we cannot crtisise a product without proper facts.recently a honda city was burnt to ashes on a delhi flyover .a skoda laura was burnt to shinders in panipat.these are incidents which happen but we cannot add tons of salt(leave aside picnh of) and give our biased view.lets talk sense on the basis of facts.anyways a cars successis determined by the number of units sold.let us count how many indicas are the on a particular red light in comparision to th e car which made the company close down it"s operation in india.

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010

Hello Mr.Rajiv,

Dont use word stupid car matiz, you have not got any right to say so, if my car is stupid, you safari is failed vehicle infront of Scorpio of even Bolero, which I have both. Don;t simply comment without verifying facts, and if you are defending Tata becos you are owing it, like mine too, Daewoo is closed and you are comapring with grand parents era with it. 10 to 12 years is meant for you it is a grand old age for you!

Answer by S Joshi 04 April 2010

hey mr joshi
if u find tata cars so useless you should be sending your concern to theN S G which uses the safari in every v. i. p .movement ase escort vehicle Sonia gandhi rahul gandi even the p.m of our country uses Tata vehicle apart from the u think every body "s life is at risk .its better if we suggest them to use some baba adam ki car like the MM..aaaaaaaaaZ

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010

What a great comment,

If PM & CM's are using it and becos of safety concern, Safari is a good vehicle alas! The simple fact is that, the Govt process of buying cars for VIP's is not only the concern of safety it is with price,safety and other aspects too, and govt will call for tenders or may be they have the understanding/Agreement with TATA's to buy their cars for some period so is the reason! It is not based any one aspect, even BMW's are purchased and why they are using Safari then? It is as an alternative. Not on first choice.

Answer by S Joshi 04 April 2010

oh what an understanding and faith on our country s" safety standard faith on top safety agency buying procedure.if had been the case then god forbidd . becos if u can t beleive the honesty and efficiecy of the agecies who save our top politicians and leaders then we can keep on giving baseless comments accusations& what not to prove a point ,but that does not change the fact that tata cars are a great boon to people who donot want to spend a ton on just a brand image which gives a kick to there false ego.and above all qaulity is in direct proportion to what you shellout from your a car in the size, in safety, in cost effectiveness, in comfort, in the number of units sold in comparision to the indica xeta .indica diesel , tata nano,,indigo cs or the safari at the same price.

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010

You are believing our great politicians who are thiefs, looters of nation wealth, and dividing our country with religion, and our own tax money-eaters and enjoying on common man's hard earned money. I am straight forwarder and say Tata cars are useless, you are talking like intellectual and defending your views in disguise and tell others that, it is forum and no bias comments! you fit to be a politician. Take our own Maruti's figures, it is middle man's car company and producing very user friendy cars at very nominal price, and you about comparing indica, xeta etc., read a automobile journal published by SIAM which are published every now then in the leading newspapers and Maruti is the leader and not TATA.

Answer by S Joshi 04 April 2010

Mr.joshi it seems u have some interest in the hatred campain againt the tata cars .otherwise no one in this world has so much time trying to prove a useless point without facts and figures .had these car been useless tata car division wouldnt have survived in this competetive market. for ur information tata cars are no. 3 as per sales of units that to in less time than the maruti or the hyundai.people who spend lakhs are not foolish .as u have written about taxis bieng tata car that it self ansers ur quetion if a bussinessman can rely and shellout money even a penny leave aside lakhs on any product the product has to prove its worthiness in the market so go ahead keep on with ur anti tata comments and tata cars wiil keep selling inspite of the hatred campain with (vested intrest )

Answer by Rajiv 04 April 2010

Thanx Mr. Joshi for your Comments... I suggest you Not go For Tata Car Ever Aur Haan Kabhi Indica Mein Baitho to Insured ho ke Baithna.... warna Film Dekh lena ki darna mana hai

Answer by Priya 04 April 2010
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