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I am getting a hyundai sonata gold of 2002 for Rs 2.30lacs.The car has undergone replacement of belt and tire changing and has full service history.It has been run 63k kilometers.Is it good to buy the car and is it possible to get it financed in kolkata?
By Zaid 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

You wont get finance for used Sonata of 2002. Also though the car is available at cheaper price tag.The maintenance cost would be on higher side reletive to original price of car.Hence it wont be a good idea in going for the same unless maintenance cost is not a constraint.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

It's a solid car - well built and very comfortable. No great maintenance costs will hit you. You are getting a good deal, although you might not get financing so easily. Your bank may be happy to lend you some money, though. The car, you don't have to worry about.

Answer by B S Kumar 04 April 2010

Hi Mr.Zaid,

The hyundai cars are built on strong platform and Sonata Gold is mercedes for middle & upper middle class people as it looks similar to M-class, I don't know why Shiva gives wrong picture being a expert. Which second hand cars are free from frequent maintenance & change of spares? These cars are little higher on maintenance as luxury cars, thats it! The price you are getting is good and reasonable and you can go ahead. And Mr.Kumar is rightly given his opinion and looks perfect. S Joshi (sandur) - Blore

Answer by Shyam Joshi 04 April 2010

Hi guys,
Actually thats not the problem with the Mr Shiv'a expertse he is a real hero well the only thing here matters is that Mr.Shiva gives his advises based on the showroom standards and his view is also in terms to same way well in practical if a person had to go for a showroom standards he wouldn't ask wouldn't ask questions on this portalIf I have to suggest Mr.Zaid abouty his question is that he will have to decide what he wants to do according to Mr.Shiva buying a car is not a big deal but maintainance is and accordng to others If car is very cheap and in good condition than maintainance isn't a concern or shouldn't be a concern infact yes Sonata is a beautiful and luxurious car which ur getting for no price infact but what you can do is try to bargain on it a bit more and than you may go for it.according to me or else just raise your fund a bit more and go for Skoda Octavia 2002 or 2003 model which is also n the same range and cost effective with 1.9 ltr's engine also which is mercedese for Middle and upper middle class people.

Answer by Car Owner 04 April 2010


Just check if the Engine is in good condition & not in stock condition, by seeing the photo's car looks cool. Check the car thoroughly by some expert who has repaired this car or at least ask some sonata rider to ride it & see, coz any condition sonata looks greater than even two years old baleno or even skoda octavia also.
U can see two things by yourself.
1. AC Effect.
2. Ecosticness of the car.
3. Hardness & chattering of clutch.
4. Healthyness of Suspensions.
5. Overall vibrations when car is in on condition.
Suppose if u r getting a car like mine with a nearly 50% worn out clutch & with suspensions hardened, u need not to worry as u can spend 12K for clutch & around 40K for replacement of harndened Suspension struts.
But just c into that there are no problems with engine.
& u were saying about the belts replaced, is it Timing belt replaced? if so then check the sticker sticked as proof for the same inside the bonet.

I too got Sonata Gold last year 2002 model 60K run,single ownered car for 3.5L. its quite good car but milage part make a note all sonatas are giving milage around 7with AC & 8.5 without ac. I am facing big problem with parking too.
Also as Mr. Shiva said, all spares are very costly, just for service i had to pay 8K, 7K for battery & 6K for only front Disk Pads.

If u r fond of buying, using & selling car within 1 or 2 years then plz note u may drop the plan as prices are slashing down very high as nos. of owners are increasing.
I stay at Bangalore. What about u?

Answer by Swapnil Natu 04 April 2010

The Sonata is known as the Korean Mercedes. I own one (2001 late model) Though it clocked around 166000 Kms it still runs perfectly well. Of course still doing periodical service by the authorised service centre.

Answer by Rajan Baby 04 April 2010

Hey buddy,,,
Its a huge saloon n thereafter it needs maintenance,,tyre replacements are required on all huge cars as because of the heavy body and moreover,road conditions are not so god here. Its definitely a head`s turn car. Nice Luxury,comfrtble seating and awesome status symbol. Try for a much higher model if you can. Just a suggestion. But if you gt d car scanned well,,,go for it. Look for any DSA`s nearby,,they`ll help you wid the finance. Best Wishes.

Answer by Jitu 04 April 2010
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