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i'm plannin to buy a pre owned swift zxi for myself and i have chosen one and it is an july 2006 model.the car is good but they doesnt have any service records for the car ! can i buy it or not? please advice me

By Adhithya on Mar 31, 2010


  • Expert Hi,
    If you are buying from Maruto True value outlet or any other authorised dealers then you need not worry about service records as they would carry out refurberation to ensure proper conditioning of car.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Mar 31, 2010

  • If you are buying from an unknown / unauthorized source, this is asking for trouble, but get it checked by a mechanic. IF the car is in good condition not needing any major repair, no problem.
    Answer by B S Kumar on Mar 31, 2010

  • I purchased Jun 2006 ZXI model at 3.4 L
    The car was run for 50000 km. It was under extended warrenty. In past 4 months I have drove around 8000 km. Car is excellent and milage is also good (14-15 km/lit)
    Answer by Natesh on Mar 31, 2010

  • Hi Adithya,

    Buying of Second hand car itself is not a wise decision, as whatever the condition may be, but later you have to spend more if it comes under repair. Initially the mechanic will say not required any major work, later on after a gap of 6 to 1 or may be 2 years you need to gallop the engine and other parts. But we middle class Indians not in a position to buy New Car will go for second hand cars, and As Maruti is got a authorised second hand car show-room rest assured that you will get good conditoned and certified cars or you can check with known good mechanic to check with for any engine work, that is the area where little more money you need to spend, other small repairs can be handled. But don't believe this outside car dealers as most of them want to make fast bucks, and want to sell the car in a hurry. S Joshi - bangalore
    Answer by S Joshi on Apr 1, 2010

  • Hi Adhithya, try buying it from True value as this would be a safer option.
    Answer by Subodh Rai on Apr 7, 2010

  • HI,
    the maruti swift's engine is a lovely work-horse..... so dont worry .. if u like the car, and the engine according to you is in good nick, buy it.. not much that can go wrong with a maruti, other than what already is.
    happy driving
    Answer by Xerxes on Apr 7, 2010

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