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Dear Sir, i plan to buy a used car & have CNG fitted since my daily running is approx. 120km(in Delhi). I am getting a used opel Corsa 2004 model (54000km)from Mahindra First Choice with 6 months warranty on engine & gearbox. Mahindra guys wud fit the CNG (Loveto 12kg with Lambda). The cost is 1.75 lakh which includes CNG fitting, RC endorsement & ownership transfer. What is your take on this.
By Ankit Sharma 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

Considering the usage of car,warranty,and cast of car with CNG fittment,The deal seems to be quote ok.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

Very good deal. Good solid car, and you should be very happy. See if you can get more than the 12kg tank for CNG. You don't want to make that many stops frequently to fill up.

Answer by B S Kumar 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

I think it's a great deal you are getting.12 kgs is the biggest cylinder for passenger cars.Go for it

Answer by Rohit 03 March 2010

Cost of CNG fitment including RC endorsement varies between 22K to 35K Rupees. Depending on the dealership, CNG kit make, and cylinder size.

Answer by Mudit 03 March 2010

too high. Corsa with 54000 should be available for below 1 lac...and CNG kit for 35. A good deal would be this car for 1.25. a penny more and you're paying what you should not be...

Answer by Marcus 03 March 2010

Opel corsa 2004 with cng for Rs.1.75 is very high.It should be around 1.15 including all

Answer by S K Manocha 03 March 2010

At that price the Corsa(a failed product of GM) is too heavily priced and also its not worth a buy.Rather u can find an esteem or accent and get the fitment done urself.Spare part shall be a problem with the Opel Corsa

Answer by Manish 03 March 2010

Dear Dikhawe par Mat Jao , Opel Corsa is a Failure Product of GM Maintenence is Very much high, Spares is a problem Better you go For Hyundai Accent or Maruti Esteem is almost Same or May be Upto two Lacs... if you are willing to have a Sedan.. But my Suggestion would be Go for Maruti esteem with CNG kit...

Answer by Sunil Kr Mishra 03 March 2010

I also suggest the same words as above dont go for a phase out model because so many problems may occur in near future due to non availibility of spares and i dont know cng is a success in opel range of product .First enquire about that also.And another think is please ask any car dealer what is the price of opel with cng acting as a seller of opel then you will get the correct picture means what is the price of a dealer for this car .

Answer by Thomas 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

I would suggest that you trust our opinion and go in for the car as the corsa is an excellent product.An esteem or accent while being excellent cars in their own right are just not solid enough to do high mileages and would start rattling like hell before you know it.And the price is excellent.Go for it..

Answer by Rohit 03 March 2010

i have 2003 cng fitted..delhi regd..for rs. 1,20,000..very good condition..if interested thncall me at 9910405251

Answer by Dipanshu 03 March 2010

Hi I am looking for used car,
I am in Baroda.

Answer by Kashyap 03 March 2010

Congrats for choosing an opel corsa. great car with a solid body. I came across some posts saying that this is a failure from GM. I agree that the car is a failure in India, this is b'coz we Indians go for economy rather than quality. Tats why maruthi is the successful brand here. Opel corsa is one of the successful brand in Europe. Its the German make and the quality and tuning is accepted by the world market.
But the deal seems to be high and use of cng in opel cars is not advisable. Issues with the engine are reported when using cng.

Answer by Joey 04 April 2010


i also own a a corsa sail. The price is high. Pay nothing more than 1.4 lakh ( and this is max). The car has nil resale value. and also though LPG is somewhat ok, i have no clue about this CNG in opel . Also at 50000 + kms you will have to change , timing belt and clutch which will cost around 20000, yes you heard it right, 20k. Opel clutch is costlier than honda city :-).
And my experience with first choice is bad, The car will have some other problems, Moreover the opel engine and gear box is great so this 6 months warranty is all fake, Ask them about the clutch and timing belt replacement??

Answer by Bhaskar 04 April 2010

go for maruti baleno or accent

Answer by Sridhar Iyer 04 April 2010

The selection of opel is just too good to resist.a solid body which no cars in india other than Ambassdor can point of view hats off to this german guzzles petrol.i have a 2004 corsa with a brand new engine,suspension and 5 good tyres with odometer showing 59000kms baught in11/09.i get 11-12 kms on long ride,10 kms in city,fantastic boot space and a huge dicky.we indians are stupid in only asking for fuel econony but not safety.a solid car like a road roller .once you start dricing you would not like to touch any other vehicle.good luck.

Answer by Dr Pathy 05 May 2010


Answer by PRAKASH 07 July 2012
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