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Volkswagon polo and maruti swift which car is good to buy. thank you
By Munna 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

Volkswagen Polo is classy car with good build quality and decent styling,brand value but waiting period is more and is yet to establish in market.. Swift has the advantage of proven performance and maintenance the disadvantage onroad image.With plenty of Swift available on road the charm of owning new car will be affected. The better option would be that of a Ritz.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

The specification are not so gr8. the shape is not so appealing and nor even fresh. I agree with shiva. Ritz is quiet a better choice.

Answer by Vaibhav 03 March 2010

Volkswagen Polo would be better option as its VW. Fresh on the market, better interiors etc. I own a swift vxi, its a good car... yet had many probs with the dealer service replacing tyres with old worn-out ones... lil paint damages and a few others. Have to recheck the vehicle completely inch by inch every time once a service is done. Change the dealer service station.. but still needs to be alert. Not sure if that is the case with VW.

The MSIL (Maruti Suzuki India Limited) representative of the city is mostly tied up with the dealer showroom. So once the customer complaint is raised, the customer is not always the first priority.... they just try to save the dealer goodwill and ask us to come in terms with the dealer instead of resolving the issue or going for a case. Maruti always cares for the customer is just a myth.

Personally I am never going to buy a Maruti Vehicle again. Not because the vehicles are bad.. but the car always need after services... we cannot just feed it on bread n butter ;))

All the best for your new car!!! .... and Ritz is never my recommendation... looks like a bug with big a**!

Answer by Sanish Kumar 03 March 2010

Mr. Munna,
This is in regards to your question about buying of Swift or Polo. Both the cars are very different. The only common factor is both come under small segment. Swift is a very common car & can be seen in almost every building. Whereas VW Polo is a brand new product in the market. Secondly, VW is a brand as compared to Maruti Suzuki. Swift is actually a version copied from Mini cooper.Space comparision in Swift is better than Polo. Mechanism in Polo is the best & Latest. Maintainence of Swift is anytime cheaper than VW Polo. Even the dealer network (workshops) are very few. But VW is already in a process to appoint more dealers for service backup. If you have more running in terms of Kilometers then you should prefer buying a Swift than Polo.

Answer by Nikhil Shah 03 March 2010


i guess after reading Satish's reply, u are sure to have 2nd thoughts about the swift.
I guess he has hit the nail right on the head. Absolutely perfect analysis of how maruti functions. I personally drive a swift, which in short i would describe as a beautiful engine and thats about all. The rest is a body shell wit cheap plastic feel, light doors that rattle and the crying will go on and on.
I just got back from driving my younger bro's new i20 and boy that car feels rich, heavy, stable and definitely worth a second look. I'd say chuck the swift and ritz outta the window, and shorlist the i20 or the VW. Buy 1 of these 2 and u have a new design, new engine, better driving and ownership experience.

Happy driving.

Answer by Xerxes Printer 03 March 2010
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