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i am using accent viva crdi, heavy smoke was coming from the car, what may the problem, n provide me the solution, it is 2004 model, 54000 km, what is the estimation cost for resolving this problem
By Sambasiva 03 March 2010

hey i aslo had the same problem in the car... i sugguest u that do the carbon cleaning it tuld be costing arund 1000-1500 rs..

Answer by Nilav Mehta 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

The excessive smoke could be due to improper burning of fuel,excessive carbon deposit in silencer.Cleaning of silencer, checking of fuel supply system and ignition will help to solve the problem.Please contact service center for exact estimation for the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

White smoke or black smoke? If the smoke is white, that could mean one of your oil gaskets or seals is broken and your engine is burning engine oil with the fuel. Could be a bit of a serious problem but nothing complicated for a mechanic. If the smoke is black, that is almost certainly improper combustion - easily taken care of. This is due to dirty injector or bad injection timing. Your fuel supply should be doing fine. Carbon deposit in the exhaust will not cause any smoke problem. It might cause some power reduction, but nothing more than that. Tough to estimate costs without knowing the problem. This needs a mechanic's estimate.

Answer by B S Kumar 03 March 2010

B.S. Kumars answer is right but i will add one thing more ,,,,,,,,this can be due to malfunctioning of piston rings ,,,,,,, ask ur mechanic to check

Answer by Navdeep 03 March 2010

CRDI engine is a disbalanced 3 cylinder engine you have totally overhaul the engine whichwould cost approx. Rs 40000/-
but this problem comes around 90k to 1 lakh KM.

Answer by Shrinivas 03 March 2010

your car has malfuctioning of fuel injection system and please ensure if dirt has some to the fuel tank either from the pump or your mufler gasket is damaged. get the engine properly tunrd.

Answer by Siddhartha Mishra 03 March 2010

it causes with two problems one is u have to check ur diesel injector and the other one is u have two diaphram near the chasis number with some vaccum hoses connected and u have to just remove one hose which wil be connected at the butterfly air intake and it must be removed only this side not at the diaphram side

Answer by Kannan 04 April 2010

dear check your engine oil level before start the engine,is it ok.or decreasing daily..if its like that, one more thing have u noticed that the instant pick-up also descresed? if its like that then it might be problem with pistons..

Answer by Ukmishra 04 April 2010

Guys, I have the same issue with my hyundai viva. can any one suggest a genuine workshop in bangalore near whitefield who can do the engine re-work.. thanks

Answer by Bala 08 August 2014

I have FIAT Palio 2006 model EL its comming black smoke & oil consumption more 2000 kms its consumption 1 ltr oil but not showing engine light but in leak in valve drop door what can i do please suggest to me.

Answer by GUEST 10 October 2014

Can anybody suggest me a best service station/mechanic for my caR ACCENT CRDI 2006, pickup reduced, increase in smoke.. Lousy engine less than 60 speed.Suspecting engine need rebui

Answer by RAMESH 12 December 2015

Better check your oil seal if it is white smock. Is it black ,no proper compression occurs in cylinder. Check compression using compression gauge. It might be the compression seal cracked. Also clean or change air filter.

Answer by Jom 12 December 2015

improper wrong mixture of air-fuel either less air intake or more fuel injection is the reason for ur car cause black smoke. check the air sensor.fuel injectors and egr valves also if u 2nd owner of car also check turbo unit

Answer by Mysooru S Puneeth 02 February 2016


Answer by Madhu 04 April 2016

hi guys ,my car is hyundai accent CRDI now a days i am getting starting problem in the morning times and some times accelerator will down in 2nd gear .that time heavy black smoke is comming .any body kindly suggest me what is the problem to my car pls.

Answer by Pavan Kumar Reddy 11 November 2016

Hi. I have also black smoke and low pickup problem in my accent crdi .plz tell mi exactly solution for this problem
My no . 9527475222

Answer by Jayesh S 11 November 2016

My car accent crdi 2005 crossed 1 k gives very less white smoke and more black smkoe on acceleration could be the problem

Answer by Himanshu 07 July 2017

hi guys I am aso facing the same issue, hyundai 2006 accent crdi, while smoke and drastic fall in the pickup, i did fuel injector calibration , did not work, did carbon cleaning, did not my mechanic is telling its Head gasket to be replaced, which would cost you 40k plus, and that too its 2006 model, so getting its part is also highly doubt. So what is suggested me is to just get rid of the car in either exchange offer or in olx..if you get a desecnt offer of 80k, just push it off is what he said me, which i will b doing that and will post you guys how much did i get it in exchange once i get it...

Answer by Manu Pai 03 March 2018

My car Hyundai i20 crdi was driven 82,000km.but the black smoke come heavy ..and pickup is also very less....given me solution...and tell me estimation cost also

Answer by Narendra Reddy 10 October 2019
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