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Is the Chevrolet Aveo off the production line?
By Prabodh Menon 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

Though the total number of sales is less, Chevrolet Aveo is still in productionand will continue to available for few more years.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

I heard from a sales guy at GM that they will revamp Aveo and i think it will come in a completly new avatar, yea it will be a hatchback. This could happen by end of this year or early next year. They would consolidate all their existing offering on 300 platform to get more synergies in production line.

Answer by Ramesh 03 March 2010

The cosmetic changes are expected some time early next year.

Answer by Munish 03 March 2010

AVEO production will not stop, few days back i was in the showroom for my AVEO service, new vehicles are out, and i hear they have advanced some features like shocks ,etc, AVEO 2010 looka great

Answer by CHANDRAN 03 March 2010


aveo is the second best car sold by GM after their small car SPARK the mith about GM must be not held to because most of us indians are still riding on the mishapps which happened with opel and todays GM is not so its more supirior and this car matches all international standard i have no doubt that aveo will be a flagship runner in the line of products offered by GM , currently iam in Muscat (oman) as you can see GM is a well acclaimed brand here unlike india where every body goes ga ga over susuki which does not even have a scrap value even insurance is not done to these cars by many insurance company taking into considertion the products involved in manuft. it , thus aveo sells well here to although its price is cheap here its a good car to be used please feel free to go and buy it

Answer by Ajesh Kumar V 03 March 2010
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