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how do i start my tata indica because the remote batteries went dead
By Benish 03 March 2010

Push it. Preferably downhill, since most Indicas are headed that way anyway by design.

Answer by B S Kumar 03 March 2010

replace or recharge the batteries. pl. note that indica's 475 IDI diesel engine requires a heater (glow plug) in cold starting.
pushing the vehicle may not be useful.

Answer by Sagar Ade 03 March 2010

1st u can open ur bonet find ther is a fuse of canteral locking remove that than u can start your car

Answer by Waseem 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

Please change the remote battery.Also If the main battery is completely dead then best method is to jump start ie connect it with other car battery using cables . This can be done with brakedown service. Or replace the battery with charged one and start the engine.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

I think Waseem is right.Its the remote battery thats gone dead if I comprehend the problem correctly.

Answer by Robin 03 March 2010

Replace the remote bettery.

Answer by Vik 03 March 2010


I presume you mentioned remote battery is the actual battery a car have. If it is not old enough, get the heater plugs checked, even if a single heater is burnt the car will not start. Possibility is your tried self to start and battery gone exhausted. If problems solve with change of heater (car will start by pushing as no recharge left) then it is OK. If battery is new (upto one year old) get the charging and alternator checked from electrician.

Answer by Nalin Sharma 03 March 2010

Thank you all and especially Waseem for the correct answer.

Answer by Vishal 03 March 2023
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