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Hi, i plan to buy diesel premium hatchback but confused between hyundai i20 or vw polo, needed good seating comfort.pls help

By Raj on Mar 17, 2010


  • Expert Hi,
    Among the two mentioned the features and build quality of Polo is better.Advantage of i20 is the quality of engine,reliability and style above all good service network.Considering overall parameters if onroad image is primaryconcern alon with qualiity of car then Polo will be best and if service back up, and comparitively cheaper parts then i20 would be better.To choose one, Polo will be better.

    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Mar 17, 2010

  • Kind of funny choice according to experts! One is a better car, but the other car is recommended even though it may need more service and the need to change parts! Just drive both cars and buy whichever feels good to you.
    Answer by B S Kumar on Mar 18, 2010

  • Good Mr B S KUMAR.
    You have called a spade a spade.
    I have stopped writing in these columns as people think solutions are there like a jiffy when the questioner sits in the arm chair.He has to do some spade work and read magaxines,and then ask sensible questions.
    POLO is not yet landed and people ask the Experts as he may have a prsonal POLO.
    Dr P C RAO PUne
    Answer by Dr P C Rao on Mar 18, 2010

  • i want to say that volwswagon polo is a comfortable car .and i20 too.
    but volswagon polo is too suspicious ,spacious,it's engine i can't say any thing about it .
    so polo is nice
    Answer by Harshal on Mar 20, 2010

  • Polo is best among two. Just test drive both cars & you will find best your self.
    Answer by Udalak on Mar 20, 2010

  • Obviously Polo. It is from the best German automaker. Go for it.
    Answer by BK Mishra on Apr 2, 2010

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