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Hi, I am zeroing on to buy the new bajaj avenger 200 dtsi oil cooled. Is it good bike as I am a new rider and needs a powerfull bike within a range of 70,000 to 75,000/-. This bike fits perfect. What your say. Please provide the pros and cons of the same. Also it would be helpfull if you can provide information on any other bike suitable for me with the same power, which could be perfect for me. Manish
By Manish Sharma 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

Going for Bajaj Avenger is a good choice on account of impresive styling, power and performance and ease of riding in long distance traveling.Disadvantage is the uncofort for tall persons, lower ground clearance.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

Hi Manish,

Go in for a Bajaj Avenger only if you are looking for the following:
1. More than average Engine power (according to Indian Standards)(better cc to bhp ratio)
2. A cruiser bike & not a racing bike (if u do not 've this strict class choice, even a TVS Apache RTR 180 will be a good choice)
3. Value for money (as compared to a bullet)

The only flaw I found in this bike is: Rear shocker not of adequate length. Hence the ride, especially for the pillion rider gets a bit bumpy.

Most welcome to get any further doubts clarified.


Answer by Amit Bhaskar 03 March 2010

I have Avenger 180CC, I love it. I drove it from Mumbai to Kerala Via Goa and Karnataka. Also, many time from Thrissure to Ernamkulam and Vayanadu, amazing power and control. As some one said above it is not comfortable for Pillion but, it gave me a mileage of 40 on highway and in Kerala roads. Road a top spead of 120 and turned the bike in almost a circle in 80 to 95 km ph speed on NH17. I found it very comfortable to drive for long hours. I love it

Answer by Robert 03 March 2010

Dear Manish... I agree all of the comments which our friends given. It is a very special bike for special taste persons. Pls. take care while using front brake as it always skid... I think there is something wrong in balance..or less weight in front part of the bike....
Best of luck.

Answer by Mohammed Basheer 03 March 2010

Dear Manish,
The bike is a wonderfull bike , for cruzing on he high way , it also has its own style statement, however if you are city guy it can add to your problems 1. PARKING is the worst issue I stay in bangalore so parking is a big problem secondly it will also depend on your physics as the bike is a heavy one a lanky guy may not feel very comfortable. If yu are into marketing kind of job I certainly do not recomend the bike. Yes the mileage is not like a 125 cc but then if you can afford it whats bad in it I hope thats why LAMBORGINI were designed. Last not the least its adream bike so if you dreamt it go for it. and yes buy a Aviator sunglass and a leather Jacket just to add to the taste and be ready to FEEL LIKE GOD..... CHEERS

Answer by Siddhartha Datta 03 March 2010
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