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hi... I was looking to purchase a new car. My budget is around 6-8 lacs & upto 9 in worst case. 1.My primary concern is the mileage & style. I was more keen towards diesel as diesel is cheaper & diesel cars give better mileage too. But only concern is do diesel cars still require more maintenance? 2. I need a car with a rich style. I loved civic but its very xpensive. Honda city zxi was gud but its discontinued. 3.The service, parts & maintenance should be economical. Cars like honda city which i had in 2nd hand was terrible if i get the spares changed at honda service centre. i was given a quotation of 65000 which i got it done in 11000 at a good local garage. Maruti is great in that case but doesnt have any stylish cars. I was keen for manza. But it lacks style in front. Headlights are excellent but overall a regular tata indica look. And tata is poor with resale value as well. So i am now concentrating on new honda city but it has only petrol variant with a not so gr8 average. Am lost. Plz suggest wats best according to you.
By Gaurav Modi 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

Considering overall parameters going for Fiat Linea would be the best selection as it is stylish,good interior space, reliable, service schedule of 15k km once, good build quality. Also its available in the range of 7 to 8 lacs and both petrol and diesel versions available.You can select the varient depending upon budget range.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

City is always the best choice in terms of look, power, economy and resale value

Answer by Suresh Kumar 03 March 2010

I suggest that you buy the new Honda city. Its a great car to drive & pratically Zero maintenance if looked after well.

Answer by A C SANJEEV 03 March 2010

honda city new will be an excellent choice if you stretch your budget a little
you will not regret buying it the only negative aspect is the ground clearance when there are 4 or more in the car. if you are careful you can negotiate the humps well with ease
fiat linea is also a good choice which is feature rich but personally i did not like the looks and it lacks the power punch
the option of a diesel car for economical reasons is justified only if you are driving more than 60 kms per day on an average
petrol vehicles are any day much smoother and cheaper to maintain than diesel vehicle in whatever latest form and technology

Answer by Jbv Prasad 03 March 2010

In my point of view & taking consideration of all your requirements FIAT LINEA is the best choice for you.

Answer by Ram 03 March 2010

If u want a all in one package, beauty and brawn , look no further just go for Fiat Linea ! and its with in u r budget,
and none can beat it looks and performance.
All the best.

Answer by Dr Madhu 03 March 2010

Fiat Linea looks good but its power is less compared to its body. Honda City is the good choice but has ground clearence issue if fully loaded. I have also driven Hundai Verna CRDi which comes in your budget and has a great driving comfort compared to Handa City. Seating comforts you can't get better than Honda city.

Answer by Pandurang 03 March 2010

guys thnx a lot for your suggestions.
i had dropped the plan of linea as i was informed it costs more than 10lacs.
the main caution i was given was that it is fiat....xpensive spares, high on maintenance, less reliable.

hw about tata manza?

Answer by Gaurav Modi 03 March 2010

city is the best deal long term diesel maint is high and it covers up all ur savings so no poing.

besides city is the best in that class in terms of after sales service etc

safety feature wise also honda is better

Answer by Sammeer 03 March 2010

guys i have shortlisted 4 cars as last options.
honda city, manza, linea & verna.
Owner of following cars & the experts plz suggest the best option keeping in mind cost, mileage, style, resale & maintenance.
i love honda city but its damn xpensive & its petrol with a just about ok mileage.

Answer by Gaurav Modi 03 March 2010

Honda City is a good buy-am getting 15.6-16 km/l locally & 19km/l on the highway-use the fuel flow meter & an eye on the RPM-(1800-2200)

Answer by Pramod Singh 03 March 2010

Considering everything I feel, Honda City is the only option you have got. I don't agree that the car is not fuel efficient and that it is expensive to maintain. According to me it is easiest to maintain car amongst quality cars. The problem is that you won't get a diesel variant

Answer by Prashant Shetty 03 March 2010

wat about veto or scodararid in diesel version

Answer by Manoj 01 January 2013
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