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I'm using Baleno. I am facing a problem of heavy vibration when crossing 120km/hr. Last week onwards I'm facing the same problem when I'm in signal(idling with AC). I want to know why it is happening or what is problem? Can anyone give remedy for the same.
By Elavarasan 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

The weaker engine support bedding and busings could be the main problem for excessie vibrations.Please get the same replaced.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

hello sir in that particular problem you want to cheack your wheel balancing and aliignment properly and u have sort out of vibration problem in highway in high speed .

Answer by Anshul Goyal 03 March 2010

hello, im having the same car. im not facing this issue. i have crossed 130 km/hr in the highway. still smooth without having any vibration. please check the wheel balancing and alignment.

Answer by Peter 03 March 2010

AC is also working perfectly. No vibration in standing and stopping.

Answer by Peter 03 March 2010

your wheel balancing and aliignment properly

Answer by Rajesh 03 March 2010


The main reason for the wobble is always the tyres.

Get the following things done to ensure the wobble is eliminated

1. Check your tyre for any bubble or tyre breakage on the side wall - bulging in the side walls need to be check too.
Get this done by a professional
2. Get wheel balancing and alignment done
3. Rotate the tyres with the back tyres coming to the front and viz versa

If all the above does not work then its time for a tyre change. Hope this helps

Answer by Kailash Jobanputra 03 March 2010

Hi Guys thanx for your valuable reply.
But I can feel the same problem in idling condition also.
If it is the case then it's not b'coz of tyre pressure or alignment.. am i right???

Answer by Prince 04 April 2010

hi guys , my name is kiran ph:9860855051 , i am purchase maruti suzuki baleno as on 7 jan 2016 . while giving the car to service center for serviceing. it gets ac problem. cooling is not geting . only fan is working. we check the pipe it won't get cool. please give your valuable reply.

Answer by Krian 03 March 2016

Hi, I have purchased in March 2016 baleno delta. No problems as such, as I am driving slowly in bad roads. maintaining tyre pressures 32 in front and 29 rear. vibrates at 135 kmph.

Answer by Govinda 06 June 2016

forum can opinion but you must get the mounting conditions of engine checked at service station to zero down on point of occurrence...Its not normal with Baleno .

Answer by Chinmay 08 August 2016

Hello sir, I have booked a suzuki baleno alpha. Can I get any problem in future or any wrong with me?

Answer by Upen 08 August 2016

Hello sir,i have booked a baleno delta alpha.can I get any problem in future or any wrong with. Me?

Answer by Munish 02 February 2017

I too have Baleno ZETA petrol, I have never faced this, Even I touched 173KM/HR in Highway...

Answer by Selva Jabaraj 02 February 2017

Hii prince,
am also facing same problem, u got solution for vibration above 120kmph

Answer by Arun 03 March 2017

I have baleno car delta cvt Automatic. Purchased on 2019 November. My car is in vibration while in signal frequently can i known the reasons plz

Answer by Mohammed Sheriff 11 November 2021
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