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is it true?, the matiz is in reproduction by GM Daewoo. is there any plan to reproduce the cielo ? pls reply. thanks
By Velu 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

Matiz is in production inother countries.There are no plans of Daewoo for production of Matiz and Cielo.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

Chevy SPARK in some other countires is manufactured and marketted by GM with its old name MATIZ

Answer by RAKESH 03 March 2010

The matiz and Chevy spark are built on same platform. In fact Spark is faceliftd version of Matiz, after Daewoo was sold to GM. As i understand Cielo platform is very old design and no longer in production. All new cars from Daewoo are based on Siraz concept.

Answer by Milo 03 March 2010

Hi Friend,

Daewoo company has been by KIA Motors. Hence Daewoo no more exists...

Answer by Sam Thomas 03 March 2010

Daewoo has sold it's rights concerning Matis to Cevrolet it is in Indian market with the name of Spark.
still we don't have official news for the reproduction of cielo.

Answer by Prakash Desai 03 March 2010

Dear Mr. Velu,
Daewoo / GM has no plan to continue the production of Cielo as I gathred from some unofficial sources.

Answer by P O Mathew 03 March 2010

the reply is NO

Answer by Rohit 03 March 2010

No,Daewoo/GM is not planning to start again in India.
U have wrong info.

Answer by Sunny 03 March 2010

Hi all,

As far as the market information is concerned, please note that the Cielo will not be manufactured as Cielo since it is already in the production with the name Chevrolet Aveo.

Any clarification, call me at 9560-778881 (Delhi).

Answer by Guru Prasad 03 March 2010

in short .... matiz has new name as "chavy spark"

Answer by Hafeez 03 March 2010

Even I love Cielo a lot. I want it back!

Answer by Wolverine 03 March 2010

Matiz is not being re-manufactured. Its Matiz in a new avatar: Spark, which looks so dull in comparison to Matiz. I own a Matiz SD and feel so sad to see this beauty slowing fading away from the Indian roads day by day.

Answer by Sunny 04 April 2010
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