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hi, m niraj patil from nagpur ,30 yrs. planning to buy new hyundai i10 ,infact already booked it, and the model is magna 1.1. i want to know the real performance details about this car. company claims mileage of 14-15 kmpl. is this true? and how comfortable this car is in long run as i hav to travel other cities also. ? and what about its maintainance?

By Niraj on Mar 11, 2010


  • Expert Hi,
    You have made a good choice in going for Hyundai i10. You canget mileage of around 14- 15 KMPL as mentioned.The performance of the car has received good feedbacks.Mainteance is of average of around 3K rs per service.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Mar 11, 2010

  • Its a good choice, however if you have a lot of long distance driving you could also consider buying a diesel car. The Vista is a good VFM car (go for the TDi engine). I personally have used a V2 DLS and currently have a Vista Aura Safire. get mileage of 14 with A/c in city.
    Answer by Nikhil on Mar 12, 2010

  • Performance of the car is very good. Servicing cost is not much. Take AMC for servicing from the dealer to minimise cost. The car is good or long drives also. I get a milage of around 20-23 on Mumbai Pune Highway. In Mumbai city Highways, milage of 15-16 is normal. In city conditions Average drops down to 8-10. Travelling to other cities though highway will be a pleasure as the pickup etc of the car is excellent. It reaches 0-100 in no time. I suggest you go or kappa engine.(my experience is for kappa engine which is 1.2 litre and not 1.1 litre).
    Answer by Anurag Bhandari on Mar 15, 2010

  • Car handling is best in the segment, but mileage will give you trouble, as you have long distance travelling.
    Answer by Verender Singh on Mar 16, 2010

  • U have made a good choice. i10 is an excellent car. I am using the same model for last 2 years. My place is a small town. In city driving I get 17km/ltr w/o A/C and in highway i get around 20 km/ltr w/o A/C. With A/c in highway i get around 18 km/ltr. Maintenance cost is same everywhere. On an average it is 1500 per servicing.It is really a pleasure to drive the car, very stable and average speed of 65 to 70 is the best. But if u travel a lot from city to city u should go for a diesel car and i20 with 1.4 ltr diesel engine will be the best choice.
    Answer by BK Mishra on Apr 2, 2010

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