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Hi Everybody Please give me an estimate(appox) for a used Car with following specs: Car - Honda City 1.5 GLX - Gold color Year - May 2003 Kilometers: 25,000(genuine) No. of Owners: 3(if i take it, it will be 4th hand) Battery is good, tyres needs to be changes, Shocks are good, radiator fan needs to be changed, no dents, AC is good. thank you Dinakar Y.
By Dinakar 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

The Honda City of 2003 withthe condition as mentioned, can be bought for maximum of 2.75 Lac.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

Hi,genuinely i would not recoment a car like this to be bought as mentioned by you its a 3rd owner and you will be 4th owner,so it can never be a genuine 25000 KMs driven for sure come whatmay,2nd thing you mentioned is tyers need to be changed,tyers have a life of 40k kms so that proves its not a genuine 25000 kms driven,just check if the car is actually a non accidental one!

Answer by Abhishek Joshi 03 March 2010

Even I'm also telling the same. It can be second turn in the odo showing 25000 kms.Even 4th owner is not advisable.
Go for Baleno

Answer by Prince 03 March 2010

A honda can never have 25k on the odo in 7 years. Period. Go for a genuine owner rather than someone trying to palm his car off.

Answer by Karan 03 March 2010

first of all my friend its a 2003 car n ther is no model called glx as per my knowledge its dx,exi,gxi,n v-tec tell me 1 thing how can a 2003 3rd owner car b 25000 kms driven only its fake if the car is so good why people r selling it again n again a old shape honda city is always in demand n the work wht u r telling is abt 15,000/- so just think over it and let a machanic c the car 1sn it should not cross 2,20,000/-

Answer by Sumeet Khosla 03 March 2010


You will be the fourth owner.About the mileage it may be correct.Number of owner would have done low mileage.But one thing i will remind you that the car is old by seven years if i am correct.About the service you have to spend lots of money on the car to bring the car in good condition(it is Honda).You can pay not more than 2,15,000.

Answer by Ramesh 03 March 2010

What puts me off is no of owners!I have an Aug 2010 City- A well looked after honda works for years-so ensure its a good piece. Look around try for a single owner one preferably

Answer by Pramod Singh 03 March 2010

Better don't go for this vehicle. Before 25000kms 2owners had sold the vehicle. Now third owner also going to sell. I thing there might have some problem in the vehicle. My suggestion is not to buy this vehicle.

Answer by Srisharan 03 March 2010

If the vehicle is genuinely run only 25000 then I would recommend the vehicle. Honda city has a very good life span and there should't be any problem with the vehicle for another 1.5 lac kms

Answer by Prashant Shetty 03 March 2010

stay away from this one, you would definitely find other better bet.

Answer by Kalpesh Patel 03 March 2010

I personally feel 2003 model and running 25000 is really difficult to digest with tyres to be changed. This is sure accident car. Please check before you take this.

Answer by Prashant 03 March 2010
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