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Is NANO A Failed One?
By Satya 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

Many of the Tata Nano which were sold to the considerbly high profile people having alternative cars for use and were eager to buy the new car.Later on many of those are available for sale with higher price than the ex show room price. Though it looks unconventional, it does matter here.
Tata Nano production in Gujrat plant will increase soon and once its available for distribution and waiting period comes down,Nano wil receive good responce.
The main point about Nano is the limited utility of the vehicle in city and for short distance travel say about 200 KM or so and later on the short brake is essential to ensure smoother operation.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

Siva Sir,

If we get at List Price in Hyderabad City shall we prefer
for limited use for a small Family in Hyderabad City

Answer by Satya 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

Yes it will be a good seletion for usage in and around city.It can be used comfortable for 4 passengers and light luggage.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

Some of my friends said nano not passed the Q.C. passed and also they said if we go on past all the parts were fly.

Answer by Mohan Samuel 03 March 2010

People who have used luxurious cars earlier will find something or other to dislike in the NANO. However for the person who has used only a scooter or a small motorcycle, he will be thankful to the TATA's for elevating his status in society. He will certainly feel more secure and happy. So it will depend on the experience of the individual buyer.

Answer by Microman 03 March 2010

I am a common man, with Bajaj Scooter, I thrilled when NANO news appeared.. applied, luckly I got in Aug 09.. in HYDERABAD city I am happy to drive with comfortable safe, economy around 20-25 kmpl is great.. for a common man maintence also problem nano mailage great.. WORLD IS SAYING NANO AS SUCSESS.. few people asways comment on all vehcils..

Answer by Prabhakar Rao 03 March 2010

I dont agree NANO is failed.. it is success vehicle..

Answer by RAO 03 March 2010

NANO is the best vehicle. It will useful to middle class families. A small family can enjoy by using this NANO car.

Answer by Krishnamohan 03 March 2010

No Nano is not afailure. I think the failure comments are being given by non allotees or those people who already have top end costly cars and compares nano with that top end cars.Actually no vehicle in the world is available for matching with nano as it is a unique car

Answer by Ramji Patidar 03 March 2010
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