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Dear Siva, In My opel corsa 1.4gsi of 2004 model engine light glows continously after driving around 10 kms on highway at aspeed of around 60-80kmph, also after that at even slow speeds at stays like that. Fans working good enough. In city when I drive even more also I dont see any enginelight glowing, also all the lubricants/coolants are in reasonable good amount. Even engine beat at high rpm is also good. Please suggest me in this regard. Also I need information as to what brand and what grade oils required for Engine, coolant, brake oil , if any other. Thanks in advance, Suresh- 9866136673
By Suresh Valuva 03 March 2010

Hi Suresh
The check engin lamp (Yellow) usually glows wen there z some issue with the electronics of the vehicle-any snags monitored by the various sensors connected to the ECU module.You take ur vehicle to the GM service center and go for a ECU/sensor scan

Answer by Arun 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

The problem is due to malfunctioning of ECM and the same can berectified with proper inspection/ replacent of ECM.
Ratings for engine oil, brake oil etc can best be got from GM dealer.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

HI Siva if u in hyd please go to Cyber motor, Best for Opel brand its an authorised service Centre for Opel in Bowenpally opp India oil, Call 9246288331 this would help...And yes he is very resonable.

Answer by Siva 03 March 2010

This is a common problem but give trouble to our pocket every time you take for checkup, I have been using the corsa for 2 years, I have taken corsa from a bank which was a recovery vehicle in which I have paid less for car and spend more to rectified it, First of all I will give you one friendly advice if you really love your car as well as your hard earn money then you take the car to some authorized mechanic who know the each and every nut and bolts of Opel or corsa. Other wise you wisely sell of the car as it is. As you know that now are day any tom and Harry can open the mechanic shop and they simply claims or show off that they know all the work, or they will tell only one word don't buy this car this company has stop the production this is because they don't know to do the work of this particular model. Opel corsa car itself is a very great model only what we need is someone who know the car very strongly.

The problem what you have mentioned for your car is EC board problem which need to either check for sensor problem or if you have enough money you can replace the EC board which will cost you between Rs.20000 to 250000 thousand. The keeps instantly ON, But you won't feel any problem or difference but later stage your entire wiring may get in to a great trouble. And also please note while you give the car for water servicing please make sure that you remove batter connector and take other precaution measures for the safety of your car. Till this time you might come to know your car performance.

Sherif Warsi

Answer by Sherif Warsi 03 March 2010

I feel the issue is that u r using LPG or Petrol.. Many time the light is due to excess Fuel Supply either gas or petrol.. try putting off the engine restart do not accelerate suddenly.. check exhaust air filter system.. Maybe it shall help as i do sometimes get rid of ECM light do not need to change unless must.

Answer by Dharmesh Makwana 03 March 2010

dear sir
plz give the opel corsa 2003 model engine 6pix belt number 9464368273 ludhiana(punjab)

Answer by Shalinder 11 November 2010
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