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I wish to but a good used car (Mumbai) need to know what should i look for and what should i consider. Budget is between 1 Lac through 1.5 Lac. I have had a taught for Palio 1.2 as i simply love that car, but i have been cautioned that it has shabby service provided and the spares are expensive, is that true?
By Raghunath I 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

Fiat Palio is a good option as used car.However service for the earlier models is bit difficult inthe sense that it can be maintained through local mechanics.Spares are available but time for service can be bit more.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

hi raghu,

palio is no doubt a good car, however the company has discontinued the model currently. and now it will be a big hassle to procure the spares and fiat has a very bad service record, the cars are well built and hardly need to go to the garage however once they go they won;t return the car atleast for a week and aspecially after the TATA Takeover it has gone from bad to worse. i was a FIAT Brand loyal. my first car was Fiat UNO, post which i bought a FIAT Palio 1.2 sport. and the day it went to TATA the problem started and within six months i sold the car, not because of performance but because of pathtic SeRVICE LEVELS. the car is damn damn good, but a gamble to go in for at present.

Answer by Rishikesh 03 March 2010

Fiat Palio is a great car as far as safety is concerned, a good car as far as fuel economy is concerned and worst if you are planning to sell it. No doubt the car is worth every penny if you are buying it for 1 lac. Engine is simply great. But keep few things in your mind before you buy
1. get the car serviced before you buy and that too in front of you at some authorized service center. change the engine oil to the
2. get the parts replaced (if faulty) during servicing.
3. check for tyre condition, you can get them changed to get a set of remoulded one as well for merely 600 - 800 per tyres (approx 4k)
4. make sure the electronic and mech devices of car are working fine (like trip meter, odometer, speedometer, fuel level indicator, all lights).
5. check for PUC, RC & TC
5. look for scratches

for more details ... call me @ 9096957652

Answer by Shrish 03 March 2010

Shrish said it all, I will only add have the breaks, clutch,& electricals checked & repair any thing necessary. It is a good strong car.

Answer by S K Ghose 03 March 2010

HI Raghu,
Palio is a great car, stylish, sturdy, strong...everything that FIAT cars are known for. Servicing was a problem till Fiat did not had TATA as their Service partner. So don't have any problem in servicing & spares. It's the best value car that you can buy in your budget.

I own a Palio 1.9D myself since 2003 and i simply love this car. Drive quality & comfort is superb.. not to mention the good milage it gives me.

You can contact me on 9819866332 if you have any specific questions about the car or if you are having difficulty finding a good car.


Answer by Gajendra 03 March 2010

Yes ,Plaio is a good car,but spares is very expensive

Answer by Faisal 03 March 2010

Fiat palio spares are available n frankly this car doesnt much maintainance if used properly, thou average compared to other cars of its segment is less, I suggest you to go for Santro of higer model (Year) n less used.

Answer by Devang 03 March 2010

Dear Ragunath,
Palio is a woderful car for both city use and highway,sturdy,with good ride quality,and reasonable mileage.Go for a good well maintained,diesel one.

Answer by Prabakar N 03 March 2010

Palio spares are indeed a bit expensive.
Check out an used alto or maybe an used TATA indica, if you want low maintenance.

Answer by Ravi Kumar 03 March 2010

Palio is a great car.....U can get very good palio in ur price range. Ultimate driving please. I have been using a palio since last 5 years.....I have yet to go to a mechanic for any serious problem. Small jobs can be done by any mechnaic and now that u have a tie up with tata motors....i dont see any problems....

Answer by Anoop 03 March 2010

PAlio is a great car no doubt , i own 1.2 NV Sport.
My comments on the above comments:
1. Mileage compared to other cars : I am getting 12 KM in city with full time AC on, when santro is struggling to get the same. This is pretty OK for the weight of the car and when compared with any car in this segment.
2. Spares and service : Till 6 months back i had the problem of service , spares and inadequate technical knowledge at TATA service centers. This has been changed with the new initiative from Fiat India to train all the personnels working on Fiat cars at there plant in Pune. Now there is dedicated team exclusively for fiat at TATA service centers. Also the process of spare parts distribution changed (I received my break booster within 5 days of ordering.)
Had recently met Mr. Ajit Rane who is taking care of technical training and service at Fiat India.

Answer by Antony J 03 March 2010

Palio is great car good comfort good driving
if any body interested in buying palio i am thinking of selling it i have drove opnly 17000 k.m and car is in good condition

Answer by Raja 03 March 2010

Raja... can you call me, i am coming to mumbai in a weeks time and if everything goes right, i can buy it!!

please email to your contact details.

Answer by Raghunath 03 March 2010
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