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Dear Shiva Bhayya, I used to read your Articles and Answers.Kindly suggest me a Car to suit my requirement based on the details given Below. I am a Retired Employee at the age of 61 Years.I want to Purchase a Car for my Limited Use.Which Car You Suggest comparing Maruthi Wagon-R-Duo, Maruthi Alto LXI and TATA NANO in Regard to Price Maintenance Cost etc. Thank You Sir.
By SN MANNE B Com LLB 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

Its nice to see mentioning as brother. Among the options mentioned and the requirments, Maruti Suzuki Alto LXI makes a best selection for its compact size,fuel efficiency,cost effectiveness.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

hey suresh you dont have to authority to suggest these kind wording to any body... if you have good knowledge than take part otherwise dont comment such ..... this seems your fullishness....everyone having own desire's ........... dont do such things it also downwords this site quality and i also urge to the webmaster of this site to delete such types of comment

Answer by Rahul 03 March 2010

Since you are looking at entry level cars, why don't you look at Chevy Spark? It has zero maintainence package for 3 yrs (u dont even need to pay for oil change) and has good features and better engine and space as compared to Alto. Wagon R gearbox is that good. Nano I do not have much idea.

Answer by Gourav 03 March 2010

One important fact--- what is your height? If you are tall / long legged go for wagon R

Answer by Manjunath 03 March 2010


Rahul Bhayya why you are annoying with the advise given by Mr. Suresh Bhayya.It may not be Correct on your Part to make such serious Comments.It is an open Forum to give their Opinion.Anyway Mr. Suresh has also given GOOD Advise.Bhayya some times Patient may be a better Doctor in sharing his experience.

Answer by SN MANNE B Com LLB 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

The Alto is the best option (having owned one myself)
Its literally zero maintenance and delivers excellent mileage.
Its a breeze to handle around the city too.

Answer by Quraish 03 March 2010

I suggest WagonR petrol (not duo).I own wagonR since 2004 and Alto Lxi since June 2009. I find WagonR much better, specially getting in and out and the Seating. It is much more spacious. In city, the mileage is around 13.5 (Alto will give around 15-16 in city, without AC). The other alternatives you can consider are Santro and Spark (but NOT Alto). Nano heats up at the rear seat, and is very noisy.

Answer by Vipul 03 March 2010

Maruti Suzuki Alto LXI makes a best selection for its compact size,fuel efficiency,cost effectiveness.

Answer by Udalak 03 March 2010
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