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I am planning to gift a car to my wife in India. My budget is about 11-14 Lakhs (all inclusive). I'm planning for either Toyota or Honda (1800 VVTI) model. My prime concern are Air bag for all + ABS+Power steering & Power windows + Climate control(AC)+ Adjustable View mirror & Head lamps & auto gear. Optional features looking are Cruse control & Central locking. I am a Honda Lover & own Accord 2008 (made in Japan).But i read, the Indian Honda version has no air bags for all (front/rear), except for driver. Personnaly i love to have the side impact air bags as well in case it is available with in the budget. Kindly advice what is the better option. Should I go for Toyota OR Honda. Kindly advice regarding after sales support/ servicing & spare parts cost/availability for these cars in India. Any other car Do U recommend?
By Tapan Biswas 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

In the budget range mentioned main competition is among Altis and Civic.AT version of Civic exceeds 15 lacs. To fit exactly in the budget the Toyota Altis sports will be the best selection.It has great combination of style,comfort,features combined with good maintenance back up.
As an alternative we strongly recommend to test drive Chevrolet cruize.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

hay i hav a xylo e8 fullyloded and axcessaries worth 100000 selling it for 900000 only 2 months old call 9886041136

Answer by Akshay 03 March 2010

Just go for SKODA LAURA.It can be copared with even BMW.

Answer by Dilip Bhattacharjee 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

I belive Honda India has been overpricing their vehicles in the last couple of years. However the Civic was for me the best looking car around. Only issue was the really low mileage.
The Corolla Altis automatic would be your best bet considering its excellent reliability and low maintenance.
On the other hand, try out the Chevy Cruze automatic. We are doing a complete road test of the Cruze and should be able to provide you with a more detailed picture shortly.

Answer by Quraish 03 March 2010

Dear Tapan,
Earlier i had a honda accord which i sold out.I am staying outside india, I have also purchesed a car for my wife.I have purchesed SKODA LAURA L&K model for my wife.
You are adviced to log on for car will find SKODA is the best option as per safety and milage is concern.

Answer by Dilip 03 March 2010

Honda Accord is ine of the best safest car with all 4 wheel have disk which rearly very few company gives best comfort and huge leg space and a huge trunk with airbag both side and one of the fastest car that rearly and one can catch while racing side mirriors are ajdustable from inside new top model is extremly good with lots of features maintainence wise cheaper than skoda parts are also 60% less then it

Answer by Patrawala 03 March 2010

Go for Chevrolet 'CRUZE'. That is the best option with most of all the requirements you are looking for if you can compromise a little bit more than your budjet. The Honda Civic will not give you all your needs for this budjet, and as Qureish.U points out they are expensive or overpriced in India

Answer by Rajan Baby 03 March 2010

I am enjoying Honda eccord and suggest you to buy the same because it is good looking, luxurious and safe car.
I have done more than 75K Kms without any trouble.

It has 2 airbags, ABS, central locking, Power window/ stearing and climate control AC.

Answer by Gaurav 03 March 2010

i suggest u to buy hyundai sonata the new one which is the best car in comfort, style, image degisn but has low effience low effiency so what if u r buying a expensive car then buy sonata i love that car a lot.

Answer by Sanjay 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

Just back from a 1500km test of the Cruze. We should be updating the review by the end of the week.
Do wait for it before making your decision. I'm sure you won't regret it.

Answer by Quraish 03 March 2010

Skoda Laura......Has all the features... A bit out of budget but worth the buy...Amazing car for the price. Also diesel and at the same time excellent mileage

Answer by Karthik 03 March 2010

Dear Dilip & Patrawala & Gaurav,
Personnaly I love Honda as a Car. The Brand name & great engines, that is why I was seeking advice regarding Honda Civic in India. Its true that spare parts are expensive, but a new car easily lasts for 4 Years without even changing parts. I have been using Honda Accord for past 1-1/2 years without any problem. But its true that in India Honda is taking customers for a Ride. I purchased an Honda-Accord from Al Futtiam, Abudhabi (full option, including sun roof & it cost me about Indian Rs 13-14 Lakhs. The same version costs may be 26 Lakhs or more in India, that too i doubt If they would provide the same features, that is 6 Air Bags (4 front (2 front + 2 side impact)& 2 rear.

Honda Civic also costs in UAE about AED 76,000 (IRs 10 Lakhs), but this once again with full option including 6 air bags,Sun roof, Power steering/Window,Central lock, Anti theft locater, Audio-Volume-Tuner & cruse control on steering, Head Light and mirror adjuster & climate control. Milage is very good for long drive, considering UAE driving condition. (Price stated are on Road including Insurance & registration).

India is a great market & I believe Honda is overpriced for its features in India. Thats the reason they are being beaten by Toyota.

Hundai Sonata Owners, please tell me your experience. Since Hundai is not a very favoured option in UAE.

Secondly I wonder why HONDA is taking its customers for Ride.

UAE sells Original Honda cars Made in Japan & its feaures are great. Considering Honda being made/assembled in India, it should rethink its strategy.

Personally I am in 2 minds whether to buy a Honda or most favoured car all over the world Toyata.

Any one with an advice for Desi Car, for me its not the brand but look & performance (including after saes service + spare partrs) that matter.

Answer by Tapan Biswas 03 March 2010

Hi Dilip Bhattacharjee
Thanks, I saw Skoda Laura's features & its beautiful carvings. The features are simply wonderful, with traction control, ABS & air bags. Please tell me more about its maintenance cost (not running cost),cost of servicing & spare parts. Does this brand have adequate servicing centres in Mumbai & in Kolkata.

Answer by Tapan Biswas 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

The Review for the Chevrolet Cruze LTZ is online.
Please do go through it. Comments would be appreciated.

Answer by Quraish 03 March 2010
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