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Hello All. I was initially planning to buy an old Fiat Palio because my budget was max 1.8 Lacs & I didnt want to buy a Maruti 800 or Zen. However, I could not find a good rightly priced Palio in Bangalore. In the process, I discovered an Opel Astra 1997 Model. It was run only 66000 kms & was in a very well maintained condition. I bought it for 1.3 Lacs but had so many doubts that I have asked to dealer to give me a month to confirm the deal. So I would keep the car with myself for a month, If I dont find it manageable, I can return the car & buy some other car. I have two questions for all of you, First - Have I taken a correct decision & Two, What are all the things I should notice in this one month apart for mileage.
By Anonymous 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

Though the price given seems to be bit onhigher side, the time taken is a great idea.Please give attention to ease of starting, running in long distance usage, ride quality, most importently availbility of spares and service backup.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

Am selling my Opel Astra 1997 Model for 75k. Am based in Pune. The car is single-ownership, comprehensive insurance and has no history of accident. All features are fully functional and I think 75k is the right price for it. The price you are paying I think is over the top, but your wish. Things to check while using the car: 1] engine response, 2] check all parts working - like use the heater once even if not needed or the wiper once even if its not raining, 3] general condition of the car - seats, suspension, exterior color.

Answer by Rahul 03 March 2010

I am the owner of Opel Astra 96' model and only clogged 34000 K.M.I've advertised my car for sale.The deal is purely between the buyer and seller.You have got every right to have checked the vehicle before buying and if you are satisfied you could proceed further. if not you could turned up the deal.The price supports the condition of the car and its maintenance.

Suppose if you were the owner of Opel Astra , would you consider the question yourself to allow the person to use for one month. Just think about it.

Answer by Govindarajan 03 March 2010

first of all there is no comparison bettween the cars you have in mind vs Opel Astra and palio.
honestely to me Opel Astra car is one of the best in this calss if you compare Accent/honda city o;d model/ Lancer out of this 4 car mentioned i liked Opel Astra is the best.
Honda City is more in the intial pick up Vs Opel Astra but low seating and not having a safty feeling >Oel Astra feels more rugged in driving and feel more safe.But if you compare all thease cars with Opel for milage Opel is less.
As you mentioned about Opel Astra 1997 the price quoted for the same is too high which will be available below one lakh
I have put and add few months back just to find the market price for my car with full option 2002 model run only 44,000 Km single owner with expensive music system etc etc i got offer only max 1,50,000/- so compare to the model 1997 price is on the higher side .regarding maintenance it is expensive to do the work in the GM service center. if u have any multi car work shop it will be cheaper.1997 engine i belive is not multi point fuel injection and th engine is much different compared to the engine came after 2000.

Answer by Mathew 03 March 2010

GM is no doubt a decent brand. When buying an opel, check on the availability on the spares and the costs. I would suggest not to buy an used car that has covered more than 35/40K Kms.
Since you have the car with you, take it on a highway and reach speeds of 100kms+ to see the stability/any noise, etc etc. Its better to take a good mechanic along who can do the driving. For a budget of 1.8L am sure you can easily get a fiat palio(OLD model).

Answer by Ravi Kumar 03 March 2010

I think the price is too high. Consider the re sail value of the car and spare parts availability as well. After all, why are you going for a 1997 model car for such a price !!!

Answer by Krishnadas 03 March 2010


I think it is double the price.
for this price you can got a CLUB 2000 model as my bro got one recently, he is planning to sell his also opel corsa SWING 2002 for one and half , just repainted , still to come out of garage.


Answer by Mhshariff 03 March 2010
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