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Hi, I have purchased a Ford Ikon 1.3,Petrol,2001 model last year( I am the third owner now ). It has run around 60000Kms. It has gas kit, but it is not working now( it gives back fire, I did n't know this at the time of buying.. ). The problem is its very less mileage. It gives around 7kms. Whether its mileage can be improved, if so to what level? I thought of selling the car, but people are asking for the half of the money which I had paid last year. So, I am thinking to keep the vehicle for 2 more years if its mileage improves.. Please suggest. thanks, Krishna
By Krishna 03 March 2010

Either its Endura Engine / ROCAM Engine, first of all do check the Fuel Pump.
Whether the Petrol is going Return from the Injector Rail.
It happens sometime if the Fuel Pump looses its actual pressure.

Secondly if the Car is still running on LPG than get the GAS Servicing done by the authorised LPG KIT Dealer.

For BAck Fire, just check that the Throttle Boby is intact with the Manifold and there is no Air Leakage.

If the problem still persist then do reply on my mail id.

Answer by Bhavesh 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

The engine needs thorough inspection for fuel supply, lpg kit.Generally while using the LPG kit, car has to be started in petrol and warm up the engine and later on start with LPG mode.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

hello dear
Ikon 1.3 usually give 13km/lit without A/c on city roads. Get the engine scanned at a good scanning centre it will cost you 250 rupees. Check the plugs, if they are old change them immediately. Changing all four plugs will cost you 200-250 rupees.

Answer by Rony 03 March 2010

Hi All,

Thank you very much for the guidance.

I am planning to visit a local service center soon. I will update you all with the results of the same.

Ford service centers are not taking the vehicle since it has gas kit

Right now, I am not running with only Petrol only.

If it gives at least 12Kms mileage in petrol, then I will plan to keep the vehicle. Because selling now is a loss for me.


Answer by Krishna 03 March 2010

Dear Kris,

I think there is no problem, just change the Air filter and you will hear no Knocking.In addition, after changing the air filter drive on Petrol for 100 Kms and you will find tremendous change in the performance.I myself have a CNG kit fitted in the Ikon and its going great.

Answer by Ajay Rajwar 03 March 2010

If your ikon is CLXi 1.3 then it is a old engine with no technology. you should scrap it.No point in repairing.
If it is a 1.3 ROCAM then pl. inspect throughly then you should get 12-13 kpl at least. All this is provided that you drive sensibly.

Answer by Sagar Ade 03 March 2010

Thank you Ajay, Sagar.

The engine is 1.3 ROCAM ( 1.3 EXi ).

When I used to try with gas, the back fire used to lead to opening of air filter pipe. After that I didn't try with the gas.

It it gives at least 12kpl in city, I don't want to run in gas.


Answer by Krishna 03 March 2010


i also have the same model and version car, please kindly move to your car shed and don't get drive with that, it make you mad, because most of the parts is available with only delar showroom, they cost the spares upto car value, so this is not advicable to keep drive with this model. i have one i spend more than rs.40,000 for service , but still i didnt get exact original pickup. bu my car milege is 15 per liter.

choose a best car to buy than ford.

Answer by Jai 03 March 2010

Hi Kris
The vehicle u r currently owning has the 1.3L pushrod engine which gives an avg of arnd 12 kmpl.Bt never try LPG on Ford Ikon see that even the Ford authorised service center is not servicing u r vehicl due to tat.Conventionally the engine tuned for Gasoline requires modifications for using LPG and Ford engines are very sensitive in this.Check out for ignition systems,spark plugs and air filter.Kindly remove LPG for longevity of ur vehicle and get it serviced by ford Autho dealer since u plan to keep it for 2 mor years

Answer by Arun 03 March 2010

Hello, The changing of ford cars to lpg is foolishness and dangerous.Some idiots will do that, since they dont have any education or knowledge.Based on Ford, since it s a very respectable name in automotive industry, only fools will do that.Only factory fitted lpg will work in any automobile. i think Hyundai santro, have one, it will work and safely no doubt. The engine will become hot due to the lpg and gas kit.and that is very dangerous.Ford motor company will not accept for repair and also insurance companies. Ford engines whether petrol or diesel, or of any age is very durable and efficient, no doubt. Dont be a fool, be wise and dont be fooled by idiots.Somebody who will treat ford cars arrogantly or have no knowledge will damage it and curse it, actually they are cursing them, not ford or any other good company. dont be a fool and conned by ideiots.bye thank you. by Deepuflash

Answer by Deepuflash 03 March 2010

hi,its really unfortunate about your situation that after shelling out a bomb for your vehicle you are not getting the satisfaction of it.lets not talk about what has happened and worsen the situation but about what you can do to overcome it.either you could change it to the petrol option once again if in case you are looking forward to drive it or else the safest option would be to sell it as soon as possible if you dont want to incur any heavy expenses on it.but practically speaking if you compare the depreciation cost of selling and the repair charges if you undertake if in case you decide to keep the vehicle its not much of difference.i would rather suggest that you sell it at the best possible deal at the local garage or re-seller and go for a maruti/hyundai second if in case you dont want to go for a brand new one .but i would like you to be aware that in future please compare vehicle detail and after detail discussion then only go for it.and obviously the car should not be older than the second owner.take care

Answer by Shashikant Das 03 March 2010

How often you service your vehicle. usually you need to service it once in 5000 km or 6 months which ever is early . with each major services like 20k 50 k , you need to change the spark plugs and timing belt etc . i usually service my lpg kit once in a year . see to that your lpg is tuned properly . you can easily get a

Answer by Akbar 03 March 2010

Hi krish,
Gas kit in ford is a failure. Gaskit only sucess in maruti and honda vehicles. So remove gas kit from your vehicle. If you use gas kit in your ford ikon it will always create some problems.

Answer by Abu Fayas 06 June 2011

HI, I have Icon Ford petrol when i am using petrol it run and when it get heated the engine stop after few hour engine start and when i am using LPG it is runing good what to do and what repair it is required please help me.
best regards

Answer by Husain 08 August 2015

i am. also have an ikon 2000 model.. and now its 5th owner.. it has no mileage for good drive.. and it has facing wiring kit problem... ford has only huge amount on its products..

Answer by Muhammed Irshad 07 July 2016

If your car get back fire on lpg then change all plugs and plug cables. its cost around 1000 rs only. I have same problem but now solve it. Ford icon 2002 model

Answer by Amol 05 May 2017
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