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Hi, which car is better in terms of engine power, milleage,performance and stability between swift vdi and polo trendline diesel,also tell the differnce between 3 cylinder and 4 cylinder car,which car is better. for a daily drive of 100kms polo 1.2 diesel or swift vdi ,whichwill be a better car
By Keerat 02 February 2010

swift vdi takes the cake in all ways

Answer by Nanda 03 March 2010

Swift, Swift and only Swift Diesel.
I do own several cars but for my city use Swift is the best and you will enjoy it on the highway too, it will scare the bigger cars on the highway, pickup - superb, mileage - good, maintenance - cheap

Answer by Manjunath 03 March 2010

swift a strict no no.......quality is too low.every car is reliable these days.the solid build quality of polo and punto can be no match to the rickshaw like make of the swift.and add to that the artificial waiting period of 3 months.they dont even give basics like pw all for apremium.i feel it is never a good car.may be a little silent engne but if u want a chaffeur driven car and want good comforts go for other good things than the swift.diesel in the swift is made for punto only as they dont make diesel engines themselves oohhhh.suspension is bad too.............atling is another terrible issue in swift

Answer by Saravanakumar Perumal 03 March 2010

A big No to Swift Deisel.
Its just a Ordinary Car.
Go ahead with Punto.
Its really a drivers car and a Pleasure to drive.
Now a day, there's no problem regarding the Service as TATA is taking care of the same.
I strongly advice for Punto
If u are in a metro than u can also look for Ford FIGO / VW POLO or Nissan Micra. All these are equallent to PUNTO.

Answer by Bhavesh 03 March 2010


All Deisel engines are good in present market.We should see which brand gives us good service back up and spares easily available.I feel SUZUKI gets more votes in India.

Answer by Ramesh 03 March 2010
Expert`s comment:

The new Polo trendline would offer good competition for cars like Swift, Punto,Vista.The responce for Polo is waiting to be seen.In three cylinder there is better utilisation of power due to reduced frictional and volumetric losses than 4 cylinder engine however at cost of reduced total power.It will be worth waiting for Polo.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2010

Never go for Swift. Engine is good (kudos to the work done by Fiat) otherwise it's just below average car. I had a Swift VDi and clocked 60000 km. The gear box isn't designed for the engine (nor is the vehicle). Body is made of thin sheet. Press the bonnet/dicky/door hard and you leave you impression on the vehicle. Rattle, lets not talk about that.. if you are planning to buy this car and if you want to enjoy your drive then you better invest in a good music system and keep the system on all time just to suppress noise from cheap plastics.. fit and finish is pathetic. I would suggest you go for Polo or Punto.
Well something good about my Swift.. i got good mileage and spent less on maintenance and sold my car in just 2 days after advertising on net. Swift D is just cos of the beautiful engine nothing more..

Answer by AerVip 03 March 2010


for once i dont feel isolated cribbing abt the 'rickshaw' build quality of the swift. I'd be damned to know the rickshaws use better metal gauge than the swift. The swift has a superb engine, very reliable. But the praises stop there. Others above have mentioned all the problems with the swift other than the lovely engine.
All the diesel engines of today are very reliable, smooth, delivering good power and mileage. So its for you to decide which car provides better safety and ride quality features and buy it. If u'd ask for my opinion, the punto or the polo are the pick of the lot.
Happy driving.

Answer by Xerxes 03 March 2010
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