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Hi, I am planning to buy a 7/8 seater and got my options at Xylo E8 and Grande MII GX. While I compared both few points I noticed which needs suggession. I did not find any comments in any of te reviews which I have gone through. 1) Steering is heavy for Xylo comparing to Grande: I prefer/need light steering- offcource I will be driving hte car allways. Is it possible to make the Xylo's steering lighter by any means?] 2) Leg room for Second and third row of both vehicles: which one gives the more floor to seat height and leg room. 3) AC: Which one gives the best AC out of these Variants? 4) Tyres: Grande got bigger tyres than Xylo. Coes it make a considerable difference in prefomance/Comfort while driving?. 5)Maintanance [Say in 3 years or 1 lakh kilometers]: Periodic services like oil changes, timing belt etc, frequancy and cost.
By Shine 02 February 2010

Any Responses please

Answer by Shine 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

Its indeed tough to select one as both have similar power and features.
1. Steering of Xylo can not be improved further
2.Legroom and comfort for second row and third row is better in Xylo
3.Effectiveness of both are good and its slightly better in Xylo
4.Grnde has slightly higher ground clearence,it wont make considerble difference in performance.
5.Both are good for lonr run utilisation.
Considering overal points like that of price, available features, interior cofort etc .Xylo E8 will be the best selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

Hello friend, Mahindra is a substandard company when compared to Global giants like Chevrolet or Toyota or Tata.It is better for you to buy a Tavera or Innova or Sumo Victa. In the long run it will help you in every aspects. It is also more stylish and standard to own and drive these reliable and stylish vehicles unlike your stylo or scorpion.

Answer by Flashgordon 02 February 2010

Hi, Xylow is a good SUV compare to others. Inside it is spacious, comfort, a/c good, smooth running, etc. Sumo I personally don't like it is too heavy, Grande I don't know. Inova & Tavera cannot compare to xylo, eventhough it is in same segment. Inova is costlier, Tavera finish not good, normal HM drawbacks, but light, fuel effency good. If you can wait till Tata Aria come in the market, I am sure it is going to be the best. Lets see. Xylo is worth for its price compare to other. But Tata Aria is my preference next.

Answer by Matthew 02 February 2010

just donot go for the Grande, extremely poor quality and it will keep giving you problems...

Answer by Rao 03 March 2010

I own a xylo E8 and after 45000Kms I m still very happy with this MUV which otherwise would'nt be the same with a Sumo Grande[from my friend's experience with a 16000kms driven Grande].
Absolutely no complaints from Xylo.A much better product delivered from mahindra's stable.

Answer by Jagdeep Singh 04 April 2010

Hi Shine,
Sumo grande is much better vehicle as per specs....on paper only. I admire the Tata brand. And really wish to support it. But the cars do not live up to that name. They support is very prompt, but thats not what you buy car for right? you want reliability. Mahindra is reliable and good support too. Go for the xylo. The resale market will tell you the full story.

Answer by Madjack 06 June 2010


What's wrong with Safari 2.2Dicor? It's slightly costly than above 2 & as i have seen, It's very very good at all aspects if i am not wrong...

Answer by Swapnil Natu 06 June 2010
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