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The indica model 2007, 4 cylinder, has an technical problem that the engine gets quickly heated and the message appears on the desk board 'CHECK ENGINE' tried replacing all the engine part but still the same. kindly advise?
By Naazmin 02 February 2010

Hi Brother,

There are two ways to answer your problem. If it is only the check engine light that is coming on, and if that is the only cause for your concern, then you can take it easy. There is a problem with the sensor for that batch of vehicles and it is not a cause of worry or concern. The check engine light just keeps coming on and off and there is no worry. Ignore it.

If however, the engine temperature gauge is also rising up and if the engine is becoming sluggish or erratic, then you might have a more serious problem with the engine block or the lubrication system.

But i think that in your case, it might just be a faulty engine sensor that is not a cause for worry.

Answer by Sri Mahesh Koneru 02 February 2010

1st of all who asked u to 'change all the engn parts?'u hv alrdy made a blundr. hwever, jst take yr car to th dlr whr u hd purchsd th car & ask thm to correct the fault. also lodge a writtn complnt to the nearst tata offc, their engnr wl chk & do th ndful.u need to follow up wth thm stongly.
my brthr in law has suffrd grt loss b'cs of his sumo which tata cld never repair nor compensate- engin fault.

Answer by Rajeev Shukla 02 February 2010

There's only one thing you can do. Buy a new car

Answer by Sid 02 February 2010

i would like to know what parts you have changed. you will have to elobrate as to if the coolant is been thrown out of the container or is it just the temp gauge that is going beyond 100 deg. yes that probably could be the sensor that activates the fan or plain & simple faulty coolant container extreme case of head gasket been blown off, you will either find water in the engine or oil mixing with the coolant.
i disagree with my friend mahesh that you can ignore the check engine light sign glowing in the dash. it may be lead to bigger problems later being unaware /ignoring the indication lamp issues with the engine.

Answer by Munaf Patel 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

Check engine is a common problem with Indica due to malfunctioning of ECM.The same can be set right with diagnostics carried with relevent software.
As the problem seems to be solved, Please let us know if it is repeated after few days.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

This is not so common in the indica as suggested by a few friends .the problem is definitely with the sensor .i faced a similar problem got it corrected by getting a resetting of the sensor they also removed the battery terminals and refitted it. secondally as suggested by a few friends that tata cars are useless i would say those are people who do not have any idea about cars .people who are not car lovers should not comment .indica is definitely a very good car ,provided taken care in a proper manner.getting a high by using a brand shows a very shallow approach

Answer by Rajeev 02 February 2010

Pl check exhaust manifold

Answer by Anjani 02 February 2010

I agree with Rajeev. It is becuase of some fault with malfunctioning of sensor. But i strongly diagree with some of my friends who says that its common problem with Indica.
its a rugged vehicle and true value for money.
You just check out with code of sensor fault. then try send the same to me. If possible kindly give details of parts you replaced.

Answer by Shakti 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

Mr Rajiv and Shakti honestly I am not against Indica. I have worked Tata motors dealer for few years.Also many times I have mentioned about advantages such as build quality,interior space of Indica . Check engine though not arise in all cars there is considerable number of complaints in this regard and the same can be corrected with help of relevent software.Recently I had taken Indica Xeta for maintenance repairs.After washing check engine light started glowing cntinuesly and the same was recctified by service advisor.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

Dear Friend
It is very difficult to find out the reasons of your problem If actually accured(Engine overheating).But I have some suggestion pl check
1. The problem may be due to faulty sensor (malfunctioning).Replace the sensor
2. But if actually the Engine is overheating then there may be crack in one of the cylinder head . Reason,After running the car this crack exposed as temperature increases , causing exhaust gas entered to the coolant directly So the coolant temperature increses very fast .But to accertain that you have to carry out the water pressure test of the cylinder head(better warm water).Request you to send the solution if found, in my e mail ID

Answer by Akshay Kumar Biswal 03 March 2010

If the problem is solved, fine.
It could be the sensor settign issue which can be rectified by an authorised ealer.
If the temp gauge is also rising up, check your radiator - it would need cleaning up, there could be some blockage in the tubes which is affecting the coolant circulation

Answer by Dipankar 03 March 2010

As repeated by various persons here, the chek engine light comes on and off. Never rev the engine or step on the peedle too hard when the car is standing . If the check engine light contunes it can be rectified. by use of the software as stated by the expert herein. In case the temp gauge or other diagnositcs send out any alarm then it is a cause for concern.

Thanks and remember never gop hard on your accelator peddle when the cat is sationary tell it to ur wrokshop too

Answer by Ashok 03 March 2010

I am recently facing almost similar problem with my tata indica dls 2008 model made 19500kms. The moment I turn on the ignition the "Check Engine" message appears and the engine starts making firing shit with the body shaking and giving out dark smoke. The tata mechanics saw it but not able to tell the exact problem. He commented on low coolant, gasket problem and tuning probs Seek help as I would take my car to the shop on 29th Oct'15. Would also like to knowif turning on the car to give some charge to the battery is right or wrong. I am not able to take out the car of the garage as the road has been dug up.

Answer by Kishore 10 October 2015

I am in process to buy tata indica v2, 2008. It's seems nice car. There are few problems in car.

1. It get heating
2. It displays check engine light.should I go for it?

Answer by Dushyant 12 December 2015

I have a tata indica 2006 model the problem is the rpms are very high when I start it up, it takes more than 10min to drop to normal.
the idle screw is set on its lowest, new idle air control valve was connected and no change. any help what the cause could be il be very greatful. thanks

Answer by Johan 12 December 2016

I have the same problem with check engine and kept resetting with software and did not resolve the problem.

Answer by Shaykar Bisram 01 January 2017

I am having indica turbo dlg 2008 model and I am facing same problem my cars pickup is fine but check engine comes and goes.sometimes it regulatly come.when check engine sign in on my car smokes black.otherwise everything goes fine.

Answer by Jasdeep Singh 04 April 2017

i want cheq the enjeen for the laptop

Answer by Dinkar Singh 01 January 2018

I have a problem with my Tata indica 2011 model 1.4petrol its been driving smoothly until lately the car doesnt goes off when its driving wont start i burnt 2 starter motor already

Answer by Dani 01 January 2021
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