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Hi all, I am planning to buy a bike in the range around 1lakh, I have 2 bikes in my mind,whether to go with YAMAHA R15 or to go with ROYAL ENFIELD CLASSIC 350, I will be driving my bike at least 30 TO 40kms per day, and at least a week end long drive around 200 kms. Mainly i wanted to know more about the new engine from royal enfield ,about its performance n exact mileage.
By SUDARSHAN 02 February 2010

Hi Sudarshan,

The R15 is a track bike primarily, meaning that the riding position, dynamics etc are designed for maximum takeaway on racetracks. Which is not to say that it will not be enjoyable everyday on the roads, just that it may not be very comfortable over long distances in the lean-forward position. But if you are light-weight and flexible, the R15 is a tremendous machine and will give you thrills you expect from fast motorcycling.
The Classic 350 is a different 'kettle of fish' altogether. It's a low rpm, long-stroke, push-rod motor, often called a 'thumper' for obvious reasons. An RE is all about relaxed motorcycling, traveling long distances with ease and enjoying riding for riding's sake. The new UCE motor is really good and I can say that with authority since I ride a new Classic 500. If you can stretch the budget a bit, go for the CL500 eyes shut. It's fuel-injected, faster than the R15, as quick and a much better cruiser. I get a mileage of 30 kmpl and the engine's still not completely run-in.
All the best.

Answer by Subhashish 02 February 2010

hi, within ur budget and considering ur usage plans, R15 is not a good suggestion, go for a RE Thunderbird or Karizma since both these machines are great for weekend cruising over long distances and at the same time very comfortable city bikes as well. moreover u get descent mileage, what else does an Indian look for in a two wheeler?

Answer by Biswaroop 02 February 2010

I would blindly say ...go for Classic 350. R15 and classic 350- are two extremes in the world of bikes. I dont get the point in your comparison. Long drives,comfort and city ride and a descent mileage is your need. I own a thunderbird now and i would say go for classic 500 if you can stretch your budget.


Answer by Ben 02 February 2010

Bullet is a cruiser bike and R15 is a sports bike.How can you compare bth...???.See both are the best bikes in ther class....But ill suggest u to go for enfield classic 350cc,as it is more durable and ulimatly a new model.N one mre important thing iz you can just lov the ride.....Jus check it out...

Answer by Harish 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

The main things to be considered in selection between Bullet classic and R15 is the usage,users profile.R15 is a great option for youngsters looking to zap around city while Bullet classic is for style and touring and for the persons prefering brand Royal Enfield . Considering the usage mentioned as around 40km daily and around 200KM on weekends, Bullet Classic would be a great option.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

Both - the R15 and RE350 are great bikes in their resp. class. I completely agree with Subhashish's opinion. But I feel you need to define your usage profile - i.e. 1.Do you drive more in the city traffic OR is your vehicle used more on the highways 2. Ar eyou looking for great speed or riding comfot ? If your driving is going to be totally in the city traffic, you will not be able to use either of the bikes to their true potential. You might be better off buying a Karizma/ Pulsar / Fazer. For long Comfortabe rides - the Bullet it is. For fast sprints (but not very long distances)- you can't beat the R-15.

Answer by Prashant Morparia 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

there is nothing match with royal enfield 350 std model which was earlier stoped by company so my sugest is go for old 2006/ above model 350std model will give full satisfaction .. millage 35 in city high ways 38/40.. classic model is good but cant drive easy and vibration is some extra.. millage 40kmpl in city

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 02 February 2010

If you are looking for long riding everyday, then I would say RE Thunderbird or RE CL 350 are good options. New TW-UCE engine is really good. I would not suggest CL500, if you are not a die heart fan of Enfield. It has got lot more vibration and requires more maintenance in long term with cost too.
You can find more details about RE classic in the link below
and for TBTS

Answer by Abhishek 03 March 2010
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