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Sir, Iam looking for a small sized sports Jeep. I have been informed by Punjab Automobiles that mahindra's have stopped manufacturing its classic model which would have fulfilled my requirements. Kindly advise. Thanks, Sona.
By Sona 02 February 2010

Hi Khan,
Thanks for taking my suggetion.Multijet is name of the engine used in SWIFT-D,PALIO-D,INDICA VISTA & INDIGO MANZA
very well proven engine with good torque & milage to take you where ever you want to go.It is the product of FIAT group ITALY.You will find every second car is using this engine in europe.

Answer by Sridhar Iyer 02 February 2010

Buy an used GIPSY replace the engine with multijet you will be happy

Answer by Sridhar Iyer 02 February 2010

if u want 2 buy small jeep,then i will suggest u,2 buy it from shri ganganagar in rajasthan,there is huge market of modified jeep,the will costimise your dream sports jeep,according to ur choice,,enjine,seat,colour,alloys,tyre,,watever u want u get evrything there.

Answer by Gaurav Chauhn 02 February 2010

Hi Sridhar,

Please clarify what you mean by multijet. I am interested in doing what you suggest. Pls advice if the 1000 cc old suzuki gypsy has a strong engine to go off road in jungles. ??

Answer by J Khan 02 February 2010

If you have a budget of 40-45 lacs you may go for the Jeep Cherokee.Its the ultimate 4 by 4 in world by General Motors.

Answer by Inderjit Singh 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

The best thing to do would be to go for a used Jeep.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

Dude Mahindra does modify Jeeps at an extra cost ie 70K, they customise new jeeps and turn it to sporty look.
I would like to know which part of Country do you stay?
Going in for modified Jeeps might result in problems in
certain parts of country specially CHD. If you happen to
stay in any part of Punjab, visit authorised showroom of
Mahindra on Chandigarh - Lalaru route. I am sure you will luv it.


Answer by Naresh 02 February 2010
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