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i am using maruti 800 Duo LPG AC model for about 18 months i have run 22000 kms i am using gas refilling regularly i have excellent running only problem off late i face is my car engine VIBRATES a lot what is reason for these vibrations .
By Dr Nisar Ali 02 February 2010

get your enegine tuned ,the timing has to be checked.

Answer by Adnan 02 February 2010

This is not a major problem if the vibration disappear when the engine gets warm up. If the problem still exists check the timing, tuning of carburettor on petrol mode and adjust idling.

Answer by Sunel Kumar 02 February 2010

If any one plug is short this may happen.These days service stations and staff are not that effecient.I had same ploblemb immediately after servicing,fellow tol me that once Car atains tempreture it will be O.K. but still car was shaking.So a garage felloe checked and one short plug was replaced that cleared the problemb.

Answer by Gunvant Vyas 02 February 2010

I suggest to to get the engine oil changed if it is done recently then please get the engine mounting checked and if that also has been taken care of then get the spark plugs checked..and I am sure you would able to get rid of those vibrations.

Answer by Kamal 02 February 2010

Please Get the engine mounting checked apart from the rubber cushions of suspension mechanism. there may be some shear off etc which may lead to vibrations. Wishing a quick repair and comfort.
VK Baskar

Answer by Vkbaskar 02 February 2010

Problem with engine tuning and engine mount check rubber mounts and tuning

Answer by Satyaprasad Chava 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

Main cause for engine vibration could be worn out engine mount bushes or improper timings. Get the same inspected/replaced and the problem would be solved.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

Its not a major problem. Just a service will solve. DONT FORGET TO KEEP A WORD WITH SERVICE DEALER REG THIS PROBLEM.

Answer by A V Patil 03 March 2010

maruti 800 lpg gas kit repair kaha karwae, near churu(raj)

Answer by Sanjay Kumar 08 August 2012
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