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i am planning to buy a car i have 3 choices tata Safari or Scorpio or Innova can any one suggest me which vehicle is best performance wise and cost wise.
By Giri 02 February 2010

If you need an SUV with performance go for Scorpio, The top en variant comes with every feature you need.
If you want a Family car in the size of an SUV, go for Innova, which is actually an MPV.

Answer by Benny 02 February 2010

I had purchased Scorpio in April 2006 ( 2006 model) I used it only for about 3 years and ran only 38000 km. I sold it during the month of june 2009.Purchse price. 838000/-(with out extra fiting) But sold it with a determination to sell it only for 560000/-though it was in very excellant condition. only reason for selling was the" Body Role'which you can not tolerate. Such body role in the 2nd row was very heavy. Now I am planing to buy Innova or Skoda Yeti.Also waiting for improvement in the Innova expecting that they would make in the next few month.

Answer by Shiva 02 February 2010

most probably ranges of money is approximate to all of them if u r planning for having a scorpio then it's good if u have a top model mhawk but it's interior is not so good and about safari no doubt the car is awesome it's grip and braking is fantastic and it's interior is also 2 good in comparison 2 scorpio if u r planning 2 have safari go for the top end version 2:2vtt dicor engine it's fabulous and talking about innova it's an MUV it's a good car the only and only thing u will have 2 take care of innova is put ebgine oil in time 2 time nothing else

Answer by Nishant Sharma 02 February 2010

if u usage is more in hishway than buy a INNOVA its as lighting as in roads.. if ur usage is more in city inskirts than buy a SCORPIO as its little rough in speed in inner skirts but tats good in city... and if u r looking overall ie in highways and city than buy a TATA SAFARI as its maintainenance is low as compared to all the above cars.. and its for rough and tough use........

Answer by Uken 02 February 2010

in my opinion , u should buy innova coz it is powerful with xtra ordinary features and its driving is relaxed and soft having good average.

Answer by DISHANT PASRIJA 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

Aamong the three options mentioned though each has its own advantages which makes it a successful SUV, to select one good option would be that of a Toyota Innova which offers comfort as good as a luxury sedan and it trouble free performance.However the disadvantage is the price which makes Innova costly for waht it offers. Tata Safari has best combination of power,interior space and comfort.In overall Tata Safari would be best selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

in my opinion amoung all the three safari is the best option for you. its a ever green suv in with all the powerful features.

Answer by Mahavir 02 February 2010

Dear Giri,

Innova- comfortable while you drive or seated back
Doesn't have great pickup nor you can press
the padel hard. Great braking.

Scorpio- Great pick up, value for money, very light steering
but difficult to control on high speeds.

Safari- Only drawback is its a TATA. Great pick up,
Great fuel economy, pricewise lowest in Suv's
but suspension is not good, and some sound or other
will always be there. Soulution is be sure you have
a good music system so that all these sounds
I have a top end inova, basic entry level Safari sold Scorpio an year back.

Answer by Naresh 02 February 2010
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