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I am a salaried person who will be using the car only on weekends. I stay in mahableshwar which has lot of ghats which will be a better option for me alto, wagon r estilo my budget is max 350,000.I also want to know the difference in mileage between alto and wagon r in city and in highway. Thank you
By Ganesh 02 February 2010

My choice beteen the cars mentioned by you would be Wagon R. I own both Alto and Wagonr, beleive me wagonr will take ghats more easily when compared to Alto. However you can also have a look at Santro. this has a little more low end torque and will be fun to drive in ghats.

Answer by Manoj 02 February 2010

i think estilo would be a better option considering the new k series engine in it.

Answer by Dheeraj 02 February 2010

estilo would be a better option considering the k series available in it.

Answer by Dheeraj 02 February 2010

Try the new chevy beat. believe me its a cool car. totally newgen. not a decade old as alto or wagon r. just try a test drive. it wont hurt u. it will suit ur budjet too.

Answer by Rijish 02 February 2010

if u r free sometime i would like to meet u if u r staying in bhubaneswar because i'm also staying in bhubaneswar if u can give me ur half an hour then please i can suggest u the best car and in ur it will be in ur budget nd u will like it the most

Answer by Nishant Sharma 02 February 2010

Hi, this is Devendra.
I would suggest you to go for Estilo, Not just for its technical specifications but i have used it at different ghats and have traveled comfortably.

Answer by Devendra 02 February 2010

The Alto would give you atleast 20 % higher fuel efficiency than the Wagon R. Both - Alto and Wagon R are scheduled for a model change after April 2010 when the BS IV norms set in. This will affect the re-sale value of the car too. You could wait till the new models come in. Alternatively you can look at the Estillo as others have suggested, or check out the A star. It's a good car in all aspects except rear leg room. Decent power, good fuel efficiency, looks, but pathetic leg room (though it's more than the Alto). If you can compromise on rear leg room, it can be considered

Answer by Prashant Morparia 02 February 2010


Alto gives 13kms per liter in city drive with a/c and in highway you get 15 to 16kms per liter with a/c, speed at 90 to 100kms.
Wagon R may give little less than alto but it is a very good car.You can also do long journey on wagon R.

Answer by Ramesh 02 February 2010

If you are not a Maruti Suzuki Loyalist, Check from Chevrolette SPARK/ BEAT, dependingon the budget.

Answer by Rakesh 02 February 2010

Hi, i am proud owner of estilo. wagon r, estilo and alto, all are very good cars, but considering your situation of hilly area you should go for alto. it is flat car with less height. estilo and wagon r is having great height, you may get problem during turning.averageis almost same of wagon r and estilo. nowadays estilo comes with k series engine, very good engine and with good milage. but go for alto.

with regards,

Answer by Rutvik Dixit 02 February 2010

The WagonR would be a good choice.I have been using one for the last five years.Maintenance expenses are negligible.Gives reliable service.I have frequently used the car in the hills of North East India.It performs well in the hilly areas.

Answer by Robin 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

In the ghat sections and hilly areas as mentioned, Zen Estillo would make a better option for its upgraded engine and its performance, resale value.Alto gives mileage of 18KMPL as against 16 of WagonR.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010
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