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Hi, I currently Drive Zen 97 model, and looking for Upgrade, Budget 6 to 6.5 lacs, wanted a long term low maintainance Car, prefreably Diesel with Style, performance, comfort and Safetly, I am Bit confused. I have a run of 1200 to 1500 km /mth. Plz suggest Me a Car which is Value for money.
By Prakash 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

In the budget range mentioned best selection would be that of a Indigo Manza quadrajet.It has good combination of price,style and reliability.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

I suggest you go for swift VDI it's the best of the best cars I ever used I am using it from 2 years and I drive1800km / pmth still zero maintanance and good milage of 20 km/ltr in city traffic with ac running all time. Other vehicles in diesel are not as good swift in speed pickup milage and smoothness. Any tata vechile is not good for ac and makes much noise. Think again.

Answer by SudhiR 02 February 2010

swift is the best amongst the cars.

Answer by Dheeraj 02 February 2010

Go for swift but if you find it too common on road these days how about i20..

Answer by Sinooj 02 February 2010

It is better to go in for Swift Dzire vxi or vdi model as you will get more boot space than an hatch back. If you have minimum 1500km to drive in a month better go in for vdi model which is diesel driven. I bought vxi model of swift dzire as i have only about 500 to 600km per month driving. It is about one year since I purchased the car and I am proud to say that I am a fully satisfied customer. Tata cars are not dependable due to inconsistency from one car to another belonging to the same batch of production. Moreover Tata service is very poor cpomparing to maruti service.

Answer by Vijayakumar 02 February 2010

Hi Prakash,
I would suggest that you go gor swift Dzire VDI model which is prices around 640000 (on road price - delhi).
1. It fits well into your budget
2. No other car maker in India matches the Maruti Reliability and the service network and quality. (you have already owned a maruti so you also know it)
3. The diesel engine is too good in terms of performance and also in terms of the running cost.
4. I had done the calculations for myself and even my run uo is the same as yours, the diesel version would be any day better than a petrol car.

All the best.

Answer by Jitesh Malik 02 February 2010

hi prakash,
you requirements match those of mine. i got a new car just 20 days before. after doing so much of research on cars i finalised on Fiat Punto. 6.36 lakhs . emotion variant. am so happy that i made a good choice:). we all know about the FIAT 1.3 multijet diesel engine which runs in swift,indica and lots of other cars in india.. its the same 1.3 engine.wat makes punto special from swift are these following :

1) ABS- u def need antilock breaking systems in your car now. safety first :) swift offers abs but long booking time..
2) 150 kgs heavier than swift . once again good sturdy feel while driving and awesome handling :)
3)front length( safety )and total length. spacious:)
4) lots of added features like 60:40 seat folding,digital meters,and lots of other stuff.

more than all u feel unique when u ride punto wheareas swift is outdated . almost everyone drive that.

trust FIAT . they never let u down . wat theyt lacked was direct sales in india and thats y they failed ti make it big in market but all theier cars have been successful.. go for PUNTO and u'll enjoy.
mileage 1 less than that of swift.
maintanence every 15k kms... swift 10k

Answer by Rajkumar 02 February 2010

i suggest u 2 go for swift dzire... best

Answer by Pratap Chandra Biswas 02 February 2010

You go for Ritz VDI. This is the best value for money diesel car in your rang. Ritz is a very specious and comfortable car.
Best in millage. Best performance car. Close your eyes and choose it.

Answer by Anil Kumar Panda 02 February 2010

i suggest u for maruti swift dezire vdi is the best vehicle and low maintenance but the waiting period is 7 months

Answer by Muthu 02 February 2010

hi mr prakash

as per your requirements my suggestion for you would be MARUTI SWIFT.

Answer by SANDEEP 02 February 2010
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