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sir/s, i have recently purchased ikon 1.6 of 2001 model. i thank you to recommend the person/garage in vicinity of goregaon/malad/andheri in mumbai for any problem. it give me 6-7kmphl in city. is it something wrong or normal for such a old model to give ? if not then can you give me roughly idea about the reason & guidance to correct the problem ? for your information, it is my first purchase & instance to drive a car. in short i am a novice in driving tactic. with hope you take some trouble to guide for a novice person like me. i await for your guidance. regards. aditya. p.s.: because i am a novice, i feel there are chances to be misguided by mechanic.
By Aditya Mehta 02 February 2010

I am sorry...I will not able to give any garage details because I do not stay in Mumbai. I also feel that it is a guzzzler so far as gas is concerned.

Answer by Anil 02 February 2010


You have purchased a 1.6 Liter Engine Ford Ikon, in mumbai the traffic is very much the car will give best 8 Kms per liter.

On highway best is 12 km per liter.

Ford Ikon 1.3 Flair gives 9 to 10 in city and BEST 14 kms per liter on highway.

Nothing to worry Enjoy the power of 1.6 Liter engine on the highway you come to know the difference. Keep the car tuned well. For best results get it serviced at the FORD Sservice station. After every 10000kms certain parts have to be replacedd ex: air filter. Oil filter which is required to maintain the average of the car............Safe and smooth iding

Vishal Sinha
Mob: 9823637907

Answer by Vishal Sinha 02 February 2010

Even I have a Ford Ikon 1.3,2001 model. It gives mileage of around 7km per liter of petrol. The car has gas kit also, but it doesn't work.

Even I want to confirm from someone that whether I can improve its mileage...

Answer by Krishna 02 February 2010

Pls get rid of that lousy ford ikon ford is khod(leprosy)
go for maruti .In a few mon ur car will give 4kms only

Answer by Vishveshwaran 02 February 2010

Hi Aditya

Congratzz on purchase of ur 1st car.Im owning flair model of Ikon which gives an average of 13+ Kmpl City+Hi way mixed.You can check out for sc ford service center at malad link rd or Carnation at sakinaka for servicing.

Answer by Arun 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

The mileage you are getting is quite less and it needs thorough inspection as you can expect mileage of around 10KMPL on average from Ikon 1.6. Please get the car inspected from authorised dealer and ask them to give correct explanation for the works to be done.Please mail us back in this regard.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

i understand that you have chosen a very high maintenance vehicle as compared to maruti or even hyundai.but my friend a ford is a ford after vehicle which a 2002 1.6 version gives a decent average around 10-13 kmpl in city as well as highways.nothing to worry,your vehicle needs servicing as a new ford demands servicing in the first 40000 kms and thereafter on every 10000 kms or 6 months which ever is less.i have done servicing of the entire engine because the previous owner did not do any kind of cost me around 20000/-along with th replacement ddont even think about selling the vehicle so early as the reselling price of the vehicle will be drastically low,practically could keep the vehicle for approx 1 -2 years so that the depreciation cost will not burn a hole in your pocket.enjoy you first vehicle and stop worrying.

Answer by Shashikant Das 03 March 2010
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