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I am planning to buy a Hutch Back car. Kindly let me know that which one is better. New or Old because I do not know driving till today.
By Santosh K Singh 02 February 2010

It's a HATCHback, not HUTCHback. Each car has its plus points and it's not that easy to choose a "better" car. Test drive each one of them.

Answer by B S Kumar 02 February 2010

I would definatly suggest an Indian Car, Firstly for Brand like Maruti, Which already proven to be an reliable car both maintainence as well as performance wise.
Well as u r still does know to drive, I'll suggest u to 1st buy an 2 hand car. Cause this will again give u judgment and driving experience.

Answer by Mohsin Shaikh 02 February 2010


i will tell yew....
if u r see d low price tag
thn go 4 a indica vista.....
1 more thng ,
in march three hatch back cars will be launch by ford figo, nissan micra and volkswagen polo...
polo is d best car....
alls r gud...
best f luck...

Answer by Tushar 02 February 2010

exactly it's hatchback not HUTCHBACK if you have big bank account or not then you can wait and watch VW POLO till then u can have a glow at I-20,FABIA,JAZZ,PUNTO these are ythe best known HATCHBACKS for their QUALITY and even performance for accesories and best design of ur car at an affordable price contact me at-09238434559

Answer by Nishant Sharma 02 February 2010

Go for a driving school first. Then you may decide easily.

Answer by Ramakrishnan 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

The selection mainly depends upon the budget range.Buying new car has advantage of easier maintenance for atleast two years or so. However going for used car has advantage of more number of options in the same budget range only thing is you will have to take help of somebody to check condition of car. We recommend you to get the learning licence first and then buy a car.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010
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