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Hi, I am planning to get into exporting used vechicles from abroad into India. My Inclination is towards the niche car market like SAAB, Mercedees, BMW, Bentley, Chrysler etc. What potential do you see in the Inidan market for these cars? What sort of challenges do you forecast which I should be aware of? Is there any advise you would like to share with me. Thanks and regards, Gaurang
By Gaurang 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

Business Importing cars to India is a challenging task as most of the Brands like Audi,BMW,Benz,Rolls Royce,Lamborghini,Porsche,etc have alreasy set up base in India and hence customers going for new cars would prefer to buy from them.However in used car segment there is scope for importing provided those brands dont have base in India and cost of the model is lesser than those areavailable in India.Also in near future the already sold cars will be available in used car segment which would be dearer than of the same model of that are imported.
There are importers of used cars like Magus cars,PCH Marketing,Lucentt Motors etc offering tough competition in the segment.
In overall the it would be difficult to establish the business and once well known the business would be fairly good and could give proffits depending upon the marketing tactics and achieving customer trust.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

Hi,gurung you have a great idea but il give an advice if you have the capital to invest into used car business then you should rather open your own place with buying power.With the customer satisfaction that is having a variety of cars with a 100 points check quality,with trading in facility on spot payment facility that is the banks involved if you want to buy and giving warranty on used cars[conditions apply]also a top class workshop for your own cars and for general public.This was my idea for years but could not capitalize due to investments,as i was based in Perth.I am here in India if you do need any help i would be most willing to help..Eugene

Answer by EUGENE FREDRICK FELIX 02 February 2010

Most countries like the US have left hand drive and as per Indian customs, you can not import left hand drive cars. I think you would have to either change cars to Right hand drive through some workshop in the country you are exporting form, or export from a left hand drive country (UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and commonwealth countries neighboring India).

Answer by Gaurav 02 February 2010

Hey Guys,

Thanks for your input. It's really appreciated.


Answer by Gaurang 04 April 2010

Hey Shiva,

Thanks for the nice insight. One small input.... according to my research and communication with them Magus Cars currently is dealing only in new brand cars


Answer by Kiran Patel 04 April 2010
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