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I want to buy a small car . My main prefernce is driver's comfort, sufficient leg space at the rear, good boot space (in case of carrying bags when going out of station, a good fuel average and a brand that can give me a good service back uo too. i10 is out for me as I find its clutch pedal position to be uncortable/low. I am confused between Swift and Zen Estillo. Also pl advice are Wolksvagon Polo and Ford Figo worth the wait? Pl help me out of this confusion.
By Rajesh Narula 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the options mention would be the one going for if willing to buy shortly it can give reliable service .Waiting for Polo for one or two months max or Ford Figo wont disappoint you with the kind of offers and features.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

if you are in hurry then buy the SWIFT with the new engine its really value for money and the after sale service of maruti is superb. But if you can wait for about 2 months then surely POLO its priced very well and with German engineering you will not be dissappointed. Also it will be a new car on the road as the

Answer by Kshitish 02 February 2010

Swift Diesel is a corker of a car mate ! AWESOME. I have had it for a year now and love it to bits . The New Swift petrol with the K series engines are supposed to be very good too .
I am a total fan of the Swift Diesel though.
Polo will be superb. Auto Mags say the Figo is very good too.
The weakest car of the lot I would say would be the Estillo - probably a good decision to avoid that one.
Preferences (in no particular order ) Swift Diesel Polo Swift Petrol (K Series engine) RITZ (not diesel but petrol) Figo and finally if its a small car you want I would look at the Chevy Beat too and the Hyundai i10. best thing to do ? Drive em all - preferably on the same day. sit in the drivers seat and drive . Then ask the showroom chap to drive and you sit in the rear seat . Do this (preferably in the same day or over 2 days) for EACH car in the list you finally make - this is the ONLY way to decide.

Answer by Nadir 02 February 2010

chap go for swift any day polo is bound to come and it will have its share of innovaters and if u want a reliable product then go for swiftVDI any day it is value for mone and with the service network maruti has it will take 3 to 4 years for others to catch them and by that time it will be time for u to chane then go for others as by that time they will be estiblished but for now swifet is best yaar it gives 20 km average and wiht comfort waht else u want. get it boss.

Answer by Vivek 02 February 2010


I sincerely dont think, u comparing the Zen estilo and the Swift is a fair match. The swift is far superior. If u looking for a petrol version then, the new suzuki K series engines have a good reputation for themselves. The choice comes down to a car with better fit n finish and body strength.
If u looking for a diesel car, the swift does have a lovely engine that sings opera on a highway. This engine's a pleasure to rev & drive. But NO COMMENTS on the cheap plastics and the body shell strength of a swift. If u looking for a diesel car, test drive the Fiat Punto, Fabia or the i20. They are all superb cars with awesome fit n finish. Just varying price difference depending on the snob value.
Since u mentioned the Polo, its a cute looking car wit some reliable german engineering that shud last u a life time.
Its a BIG market out there, with many options at the price difference of 40-50k with every model. Decide your snob value n pick a car, they r all equally good.
Honest advice if u have no snob value, go in for VFM- maruti swift vdi. Its a work horse

Answer by Xerxes Printer 02 February 2010
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